ChatGPT Forecasts the Likelihood of Ripple XRP Reaching $1 in 2023

ChatGPT, an AI model developed by OpenAI, has recently offered insights into the likelihood of Ripple’s XRP reaching the $1 milestone in 2023, with our prompts. While the analysis is data-driven, it’s important to clarify that these are not financial recommendations.

XRP is a digital asset that was created by Ripple Labs in 2012. Unlike Bitcoin, which aims to be a decentralized digital currency, XRP was designed with the specific purpose of facilitating cross-border payments and money transfers. It is known for its speed and low transaction fees, making it attractive for financial institutions and payment service providers.

The potential of XRP extends beyond just being a cryptocurrency. With the advent of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and the increasing need for faster, more efficient global transactions, XRP is positioning itself as a bridge currency that can link disparate financial systems. Its underlying technology, the Ripple protocol, allows for the direct transfer of money between two parties, eliminating the need for a central intermediary and reducing the cost and time of transactions. This makes XRP a compelling option for a range of financial applications, from remittances to supply chain finance.

ChatGPT’s Analysis

According to ChatGPT, there is a moderate likelihood of XRP hitting the $1 mark in 2023, provided several key factors align favorably.

Regulatory Environment

ChatGPT briefly considered the regulatory environment surrounding XRP, particularly focusing on the recent SEC v. Ripple case. The court’s decision on July 13, 2023, had immediate and dramatic effects on XRP’s market price. Following the announcement that XRP was not considered a security when sold to the public, the cryptocurrency experienced a meteoric rise, surging from $0.47 to $0.938 in just one day—an increase of approximately 100%. This rapid ascent liquidated a significant number of short positions, adding fuel to the rally.

However, the euphoria was short-lived. XRP prices have since retraced substantially and are now trading at around $0.5. While the SEC’s actions against Ripple have concluded, the lawsuit itself has not been fully settled, leaving a cloud of uncertainty hanging over XRP’s future price movements. This regulatory backdrop is an important factor that was considered in ChatGPT’s analysis of XRP’s potential to reach $1 in 2023.

Market Trends: Bitcoin Price and Its Influence on XRP

ChatGPT’s analysis also takes into account the current market trends of Bitcoin, which is trading at around $26,600 as of now. The model indicates that if Bitcoin’s price surpasses the $30,000 mark, the likelihood of XRP reaching $1 increases. Furthermore, should Bitcoin climb to $35,000 in the remaining months of 2023, XRP’s chances of hitting the $1 milestone become very high.

Other Key Driving Factors

CBDCs: The rise of Central Bank Digital Currencies could influence XRP’s role in the financial ecosystem.

XRP in International Payments: XRP’s growing adoption for cross-border payments and money transfers adds to its potential for price growth.

Expert Opinions

Financial experts caution that AI models like ChatGPT can offer valuable insights but should not replace professional financial advice. Investors should conduct their own research and consult professionals before making investment decisions.


ChatGPT’s forecast offers a nuanced, data-driven perspective on XRP’s potential to reach $1 in 2023. The model considers a range of factors, including Bitcoin price trends and XRP’s role in international payments.

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What is ChatPDF?


ChatPDF is a specialized platform that utilizes ChatGPT technology to offer advanced PDF processing capabilities. Aimed at a diverse user base including students, researchers, and professionals, the service is engineered to summarize PDF content and respond to queries related to it. While the platform currently operates on GPT-3.5 technology, it is exploring the integration of GPT-4, although this feature may not be available on the free plan due to cost considerations. This wiki delves into the various functionalities, target user segments, pricing structures, and legal aspects of ChatPDF.

Core Features

Summarization and Q&A: 

ChatPDF can summarize entire PDF documents and provide specific answers to questions posed by the user. This feature is particularly useful for academic research, where sifting through lengthy papers can be time-consuming.

Multi-Language Support: 

The platform is not limited by language barriers. It can accept PDFs and interact with users in multiple languages, making it a globally accessible tool.

Cited Sources: 

One of the unique features of ChatPDF is its ability to cite the sources from the original PDF document when providing answers. This feature adds a layer of credibility and helps in academic and professional settings where source attribution is crucial.

Security and Privacy: 

ChatPDF places a high emphasis on user security. All files are stored in a secure cloud environment and are never shared with third parties.

User Segments


For students, ChatPDF serves as an invaluable tool for exam preparation, homework assistance, and understanding complex study materials. It can even help answer multiple-choice questions, providing a new dimension to study aids.


Researchers often have to go through extensive academic papers, articles, and publications. ChatPDF simplifies this by summarizing content and answering specific queries, thereby speeding up the research process.


In the professional world, time is of the essence. ChatPDF aids in quickly understanding legal contracts, financial reports, manuals, and training materials. It allows professionals to ask any question to any PDF and get insights rapidly.

Pricing Plans

Free Plan:

120 pages per PDF

10 MB per PDF

2 PDFs per day

20 questions per day

ChatPDF Plus:

$9.99 per month

2,000 pages per PDF

32 MB per PDF

50 PDFs per day

1,000 questions per day

API and Developer Features

ChatPDF offers a robust backend API that allows developers to integrate its functionalities into their own applications or services. The API is versatile, supporting various methods for adding PDFs, and comes with a free tier that offers limited usage.

Legal and Privacy Considerations

Terms of Service:

ChatPDF is intended for users aged 13 and above. The platform owns or licenses all intellectual property, including source code and databases. Users are responsible for their submissions and must adhere to the guidelines set forth in the Terms of Service.

Privacy Policy:

ChatPDF is committed to data privacy and security. The platform collects information for service provision, communication, and security. Although measures are in place to protect user data, 100% security cannot be guaranteed. Users have rights that vary depending on their geographical location, including data access, rectification, and erasure.

Contact and Support

ChatPDF offers multiple channels for customer support and feedback. Users can reach out via email at The company is also active on social media platforms like Discord and Twitter, where users can post feature requests or bug reports.

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JPEX Claims 70% of Voting Users Agree to Dividend Scheme; Lawmaker Warns of Debt Risks

Key Takeaways

JPEX, a virtual asset trading platform, has initiated a DAO stakeholder dividend scheme.

70% of participating users have reportedly agreed to the scheme.

Lawmaker Huang Junshuo warns that converting from creditors to shareholders could entail debt risks.

The platform is under suspicion for fraud, with at least 11 arrests and nearly HKD 1.37 billion involved.

Scheme Details and User Participation

JPEX, a virtual asset trading platform suspected of operating without a license, according to, recently proposed a “DAO Stakeholder Dividend Scheme” for user subscription. According to the scheme, users can convert their dividends into an equivalent amount of Tether (USDT) with a two-year lock-in period. The voting for this proposal started on September 22, and JPEX claims that 70% of participating users have agreed to it. However, the platform did not disclose the total number of voters.

Lawmaker’s Warning

Accounting sector lawmaker Huang Junshuo, speaking on a radio program on September 23, warned that under this scheme, investors would only receive a maximum of 49% in dividends. This implies that the controlling stake still lies with JPEX. Huang cautioned that converting from creditors to shareholders does not necessarily mean the retrieval of investment funds. If the company incurs debt, investors could be liable.

Legal Troubles and Financial Risks

JPEX is currently under suspicion for fraud, with at least 11 people arrested and nearly 2,200 reports filed. The amount involved is approximately HKD 1.37 billion. The voting will continue until 8 PM on September 28 to decide whether to implement the scheme.

Financial Implications

The platform claims to offer 49% DAO stakeholder dividends, with a total value of approximately 400 million Tether (equivalent to about HKD 31.29 billion) for external subscription. Existing users can exchange their assets stored on the platform at a 1:1 ratio for dividends. The platform will buy back at 1% of the exchange price initially, 30% after one year, and 100% after two years.

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Rollbit Shuts Down Degen EXchange and Amid Regulatory Concerns

Key Takeaways

Rollbit announces the closure of Degen EXchange and sister site

The decision is attributed to “regulatory uncertainty and low adoption.”

$RLB functionality remains unaffected; the core product and NFT collections will continue.

Regulatory Hurdles and Low Adoption Force Closure

In an announcement made on September 22, 2023, Rollbit, a cryptocurrency trading platform, revealed that it is discontinuing its Degen EXchange due to “regulatory uncertainty and low adoption.” The company also stated that its sister site,, is being decommissioned and will now be withdrawal-only with limited functionality for existing accounts.

No Impact on Core Products

Despite these changes, Rollbit clarified that there will be “no changes to our core product,, $RLB or our NFT collections.” The $RLB token can still be bought and sold as before. The company emphasized that these are independent decisions aimed at “better positioning and safeguarding” their business.

Future Developments

Rollbit also teased its next round of releases, stating they are “going to be very exciting” but did not provide further details. The company reassured its user base that despite the discontinuation of certain services, the core functionalities and future plans remain intact.

Industry Implications

The closure of Degen EXchange adds to the growing list of crypto platforms that have faced regulatory scrutiny. Regulatory bodies around the world have been tightening their grip on cryptocurrency exchanges, often citing concerns about money laundering and consumer protection.

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DWF Labs’ Andrei Grachev Fires Back at GSR Cristian Gil

Key Takeaways

Andrei Grachev, head of DWF Labs, and Cristian Gil of engage in a public Twitter feud.

The exchange has led to discussions about the state of the crypto market and the role of market makers.

A Twitter user suggests a “Crypto Fight Night” where the loser quits the crypto markets.

The Twitter War

On September 21, 2023, a Twitter feud erupted between Andrei Grachev, the head of DWF Labs, and Cristian Gil of Grachev responded to Gil’s tweet, which criticized his presence on a panel discussion involving, OKX, and Wintermute. “I never thought that you could be THAT scared of us. Yeah, we are stronger than you in terms of tech, trading, BD and everything,” Grachev tweeted.

Market Makers and Market Cycles

The exchange drew attention from other Twitter users, including Delta (@deltaxbt), who questioned what this “beef” among market makers indicates about the current stage of the crypto market cycle. Market makers play a crucial role in providing liquidity and facilitating trades in the crypto market, and their public disagreements could signal underlying tensions or shifts in the industry.

The “Crypto Fight Night” Proposition

In a surprising twist, a Twitter user named Mohammad (@Abu9ala7) proposed a “Crypto Fight Night” where Grachev and Gil would face off, and the loser would have to exit the crypto markets. The idea gained traction, with some users suggesting that such an event could set a “historical crypto bottom” before the next market run.

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BTC Implied Volatility Drops Post-Weekly Expirations

Key Takeaways

BTC implied volatility often decreases after weekly expirations.

Samneet Chepal, a crypto derivatives quant trader, observed that 80% of the time, implied volatility (IV) drops 24 hours after Friday’s 8 AM UTC expiry.

The ‘weekend effect’ contributes to this trend, with traders adjusting their volatility outlooks for the weekend.

Observations on Implied Volatility

Samneet Chepal took to Twitter on September 24, 2023, to share his observations on Bitcoin’s implied volatility. “Over the past year, BTC implied volatility has consistently taken a hit after weekly expirations,” Chepal tweeted. He provided data showing that “80% of the time, IV experiences a drop 24 hours after Friday’s 8 AM UTC expiry.”

The ‘Weekend Effect’

In a follow-up tweet 15 hours later, Chepal elaborated on the ‘weekend effect,’ a phenomenon he credits to fellow Twitter user @ShiliangTang. “Traders tend to adapt their vol outlook for the weekend, and today’s no exception,” he stated. The trader noted that volatility has “significantly cooled off,” with DVOL (Daily Volatility) dropping by 5-7 vols. “Across the board, we’re witnessing screamingly low vol levels,” Chepal added.

Implications for Traders

The observed trend has implications for crypto traders who engage in options trading or other derivatives that are sensitive to volatility. Understanding these patterns can offer traders an edge in anticipating market movements post-weekly expirations.

Context and Market Impact

The cryptocurrency market is known for its high volatility, making these observations particularly relevant for traders and investors. A decrease in implied volatility can affect option premiums and may indicate a less risky environment for spot trading.

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SEC Files Motion Against Terraform Labs and Luna Founder Do Hyeong Kwon

Key Takeaways

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has filed a motion against Terraform Labs PTE LTD. and Do Hyeong Kwon.

The SEC is seeking permission to notice Do Hyeong Kwon’s deposition or, alternatively, to preclude the defendants from using a declaration from Kwon in summary judgment.

The defendants’ response is due on September 26, 2023, at 12:00 pm.


In a recent legal development, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) has filed a motion in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. The motion is against Terraform Labs PTE LTD. and its associated individual, Do Hyeong Kwon. The case number is 1:23-cv-1346 (JSR), and the document was filed on September 22, 2023.

The Motion Details

The SEC is respectfully requesting the court to grant them leave to notice Do Hyeong Kwon’s deposition. In simpler terms, the SEC wants the court’s permission to formally request a deposition from Kwon. In the alternative, the SEC is asking the court to preclude the defendants from using any declaration from Kwon in their summary judgment. 

Deadline for Defendants’ Response

According to the court documents, the defendants’ response to the SEC’s motion is due on September 26, 2023, at 12:00 pm. Failure to respond by this deadline could have legal implications for the defendants.

Legal Representatives

The motion was submitted by Carina A. Cuellar, James P. Connor, Laura E. Meehan, Devon L. Staren, and Christopher J. Carney, who are admitted pro hac vice. They are representing the SEC in this case. The SEC’s office is located at 100 F Street NE, Washington, DC 20549, and their contact number is (202) 551-6274.

Certificate of Service

Carina A. Cuellar certified that the motion was filed through the Court’s CM/ECF system on September 22, 2023. This system will send notifications of the filing to all counsel of record.

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Binance CEO CZ Draws on Eleanor Roosevelt Quote to Discuss Market Predictability

Key Takeaways

CZ, the CEO of Binance, tweets about the unpredictable nature of markets.

The tweet is adapted from a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt.

The tweet garners significant attention, with over 355.8K views.

Contextualizing Market Unpredictability

Changpeng Zhao, commonly known as CZ, the CEO of Binance, took to Twitter on September 24, 2023, to share his thoughts on market predictability. In a tweet that has since garnered over 355.8K views, CZ stated, “If markets are predictable it would cease to be markets and be without profits.”

The Eleanor Roosevelt Connection

CZ’s tweet was not an original thought but an adaptation of a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt, the former First Lady of the United States. The original quote from Roosevelt is, “If life were predictable it would cease to be life and be without flavor.” CZ acknowledged the adaptation with a follow-up tweet, adding a laughing emoji and stating, “Copied/adapted 😂, from: Eleanor Roosevelt.”

Public Reaction

The tweet has sparked a conversation among crypto enthusiasts and market analysts. A user named @TheCryptoBlade replied to CZ’s tweet asking, “Now is the time CZ?” The question seems to probe the timing of CZ’s statement, possibly in relation to current market conditions.

Implications for Market Participants

The tweet underscores the inherent volatility and unpredictability that characterize financial markets, especially the cryptocurrency market. While some may view unpredictability as a risk, others see it as an opportunity for profit. CZ’s tweet serves as a reminder that the market’s unpredictable nature is what makes it a space for potential gains.


Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, also known as CZ, tweeted about the unpredictability of markets, adapting a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt. The tweet has received significant attention, with over 355.8K views, and has sparked discussions about the nature of financial markets. The statement serves as a reminder of the inherent volatility that offers both risks and opportunities for market participants.

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FTX Customer Claims Portal Update: How It Affects Derivative Positions and USD Balances

Key Takeaways

The Customer Claims Portal has been updated to provide more transparency on derivative positions.

The initial and amended customer claims schedules filed on March 15, 2023, and June 27, 2023, respectively, differ in how they handle open derivative positions.

The valuation of derivative positions is based on FTX exchange pricing as of the Petition Date or shutdown time.

These updates do not impact the overall value of customer claims but may change the displayed USD balance.

Update on Customer Claims Portal

The Customer Claims Portal has undergone an update to better represent derivative positions held by customers. Previously, all open derivative positions were included in the USD balance. However, in response to customer requests for more transparency, an amended customer claims schedule was filed on June 27, 2023. This amendment breaks out open derivative positions as of the Petition Date (November 11, 2022) into separate line items, showing quantities of contracts held by derivative ticker.

Valuation of Derivative Positions

The valuation of derivative positions is based on FTX exchange pricing as of the Petition Date or shutdown time. For FTX.COM and FTX.US customers, the relevant date and time are November 11, 2022, at 15:00:00 UTC. For FTX EU customers, it’s November 12, 2022, at 03:28:48 UTC. The final USD equivalent valuation will be determined at a later date.

Impact on USD Balance

The full market price of any open derivative position as of the Petition Date is netted from the USD balance so it can be shown separately on its own line item. This means that your USD balance may appear different, but it does not impact the overall value of your claim. To revert to the USD amount you are accustomed to seeing, you can value all your scheduled derivatives as of the Petition Date or shutdown time and add it to the USD ticker.

Why Some USD Balances May Appear Negative

It’s worth noting that your USD balance may appear negative due to the new methodology. For instance, if your USD balance was $5,000 versus $20,000 in derivative positions, your USD balance in the amended schedules would show as negative $5,000. However, this does not represent the final value of your claim.

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