IBM Launches “Granite”: AI Foundation Models for Business

IBM has unveiled its latest advancement in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) for business: a series of foundation models named “Granite.” These models, designed for the platform, aim to harness the power of generative AI for both linguistic and coding applications.

Granite Models: A Deep Dive

Developed by IBM Research, the Granite models, specifically Granite.13b.instruct and, are built on a “Decoder” architecture. This underpins the capability of contemporary large language models to predict subsequent words in a sequence. With 13 billion parameters, these models are optimized for efficiency, fitting within a single V100-32GB GPU. Their design ensures reduced environmental impact while excelling in specialized business tasks such as summarization, question-answering, and classification.

The models are trained on a diverse range of datasets, amounting to 7 TB pre-processing and 2.4 TB post-processing, resulting in 1 trillion tokens. These datasets span various domains, including the internet, academia, coding, legal, and finance, ensuring the models are well-versed in industry-specific language and terminology.

Trust and Transparency: IBM’s Commitment

IBM emphasizes trust and transparency in its AI development. The company’s watsonx AI and data platform offers a comprehensive process for creating and testing foundation models and generative AI. This process encompasses everything from data collection to the deployment of models, with a keen focus on governance, risk assessment, bias mitigation, and compliance.

To ensure the integrity of the data used for training, IBM has implemented a rigorous governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) review process. Additionally, the company employs its “HAP detector,” a language model developed to identify and eliminate hateful and profane content. This is part of IBM’s broader strategy to mitigate the risks associated with generative AI.

Empowerment Through AI

IBM’s vision for AI in business revolves around empowerment. The company believes that organizations should have the autonomy to customize their models in alignment with their values, using the tools provided by the watsonx platform. Furthermore, IBM ensures that businesses retain ownership and control over their data and models.

The Road Ahead

While the Granite models mark a significant milestone, they are just the beginning of IBM’s journey in this space. The company has plans to introduce more models in various languages and is also working on other IBM-trained models. IBM has also announced its collaboration with Meta, offering early access to Meta’s Llama 2-chat 70 billion parameter model. Additionally, IBM will host StarCoder, a comprehensive language model for coding.

In the coming weeks, IBM will also launch new features in the studio, including the Tuning Studio and the Synthetic Data Generator. These tools will further enhance the capabilities of the platform, enabling businesses to harness the full potential of AI.

In conclusion, IBM’s introduction of the Granite foundation models and the subsequent tools and features signifies a new era in AI for business, with endless possibilities on the horizon.

Disclaimer: The content of this article is for informational purposes only and is the exclusive property of Blockchain.News. While we aim for accuracy, we make no guarantees regarding its reliability or completeness. 

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Binance Introduces Zero Maker Fee for ARS, BRL and ZAR

Binance has responded to user demand by launching a zero maker fee promotion for spot trading pairs involving Argentine Peso (ARS), Brazilian Real (BRL), and South African Rand (ZAR). This promotional offer is set to commence on September 8, 2023, at 00:00 (UTC).

Promotion Coverage

This zero maker fee promotion encompasses eight specific spot trading pairs on the Binance platform:

BTC/ARS (Bitcoin to Argentine Peso)

USDT/ARS (Tether to Argentine Peso)

BTC/BRL (Bitcoin to Brazilian Real)

ETH/BRL (Ethereum to Brazilian Real)

USDT/BRL (Tether to Brazilian Real)

BTC/ZAR (Bitcoin to South African Rand)

ETH/ZAR (Ethereum to South African Rand)

USDT/ZAR (Tether to South African Rand)

Promotion Duration

The zero maker fee promotion for ARS, BRL, and ZAR spot trading pairs will be in effect from September 8, 2023, at 00:00 (UTC) until further notice.

Important Notes

ARS, BRL, and ZAR are fiat currencies and do not represent digital assets or cryptocurrencies.

Following the conclusion of the promotional period, standard trading fees will be reinstated. For detailed fee information, users can refer to Binance’s spot trading fee structure.

Binance reserves the right to disqualify users from eligibility if any account is found to be involved in dishonest practices, including wash trading, illegal bulk registration of accounts, self-dealing, or market manipulation.

For comprehensive terms of use related to spot trading on Binance, users are encouraged to review the Spot Trading Terms of Use.


Binance’s move to introduce a zero maker fee promotion for ARS, BRL, and ZAR spot trading pairs reflects its commitment to meeting evolving user needs. This promotion is expected to attract traders interested in these currency pairs, contributing to the exchange’s ongoing market expansion.

Implementing zero fees can serve as a strategic measure to stimulate liquidity and bolster trading activity. According to Blockchain.News, Binance has recently unveiled a significant development, wherein users can now avail themselves of zero maker fees for FDUSD trading pairs, and this favorable condition will remain in effect “until further notice.”

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Algorand Foundation Joins Forces with Borderless Capital, Arrington Capital, and DWF to Invest in Pera Algo Wallet

The Algorand Foundation, in partnership with Borderless Capital, Arrington Capital, and DWFLabs, has announced a strategic investment in the Pera Algo Wallet. This investment aims to expedite the expansion and adoption of the Algorand ecosystem by enhancing the capabilities of this self-custodial wallet.

Pera Algo Wallet, an open-source platform, empowers users to securely store, purchase, and trade cryptocurrencies on the Algorand blockchain. The Algorand Foundation’s commitment to providing essential tools and support for ecosystem growth is exemplified by its decision to support and nurture Pera Algo Wallet.

Under the leadership of CTO HYigitGuler, the core engineering team of Pera Algo Wallet will continue to advance the platform’s features and functionality. Oversight of Pera Algo Wallet will be assumed by the Algorand Foundation’s EVP of Ecosystem Growth, mintwt, and Principal Architect, Bruno Martins, who brings a wealth of experience in wallet architecture, mobile applications, applied cryptography, and encrypted messaging systems.

The Algorand Foundation reaffirms its dedication to fostering a diverse ecosystem by pledging continued support for various Algorand wallets, including Defly, Exodus, Fireblocks, Ledger, MyAlgo, DaffiWallet, and more.

Pera Algo Wallet, which recorded over 1 million new app downloads in 2023, will maintain uninterrupted wallet services and customer support for existing users following this strategic partnership.

This investment by the Algorand Foundation underscores its commitment to bolstering the cryptocurrency ecosystem. It is anticipated that this collaboration will pave the way for further advancements within the Algorand network, potentially expanding opportunities for cryptocurrency adoption and utilization.

For those interested in gaining deeper insights into this partnership and its implications for the Algorand ecosystem, the Algorand Foundation will host a live event on their Spaces channel at 12:00 pm EDT.

The Algorand community has enthusiastically received this announcement, with members expressing optimism about the potential use of $Algo for payments on platforms like Shopify. This showcases the growing enthusiasm within the Algorand community.

The Algorand Foundation’s dedication to nurturing the Algorand ecosystem through strategic investments exemplifies its commitment to the blockchain industry’s growth and development.

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Binance Initiates XIRTAM ETH Refund Process for Victims

Binance, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has taken significant steps towards resolving the XIRTAM fraud incident that unfolded in early May 2023. The XIRTAM project, which defrauded investors of a substantial sum, saw its ill-gotten gains totaling approximately 1,909 Ether (ETH) frozen in a account. Today, Binance has announced the commencement of the refund process for over 1,750 affected addresses.

Background and Analysis

In May 2023, the fraudulent XIRTAM project made headlines by duping investors and depositing the stolen funds into a account. Binance acted swiftly by freezing the account and the associated assets, preventing the project’s culprits from accessing the funds. Since then, Binance’s security team has been diligently investigating the project’s activities and identifying victims, specifically assessing their net losses.

As a goodwill gesture, Binance has launched the recovery process for more than 1,750 victims of the XIRTAM fraud. Individuals who participated in any official XIRTAM token sale, whether public or private, may be eligible for a refund. To determine your eligibility and initiate a refund claim, consult Binance’s official guide, which is available in both English and Chinese languages.

Refund Claim Guide

For those potentially eligible for a refund, please follow the official guide provided by Binance: Refund Claim Guide.

It’s crucial to understand that the 1,909 ETH in question originated from XIRTAM’s token sale investors. Consequently, only individuals who participated in the official token sale will be considered for a refund.

Claim Contract, Source: Etherscan

Supported Contracts

Binance has identified the following contracts associated with XIRTAM:

Token Sale 1: 0x31eecf3f5c3ea2ee8ee7c0266a98e89f933a4b6b

Token Sale 2: 0x6c9cdd434d1c77c64fbc44f5c3ce1209cd53bc6a

Fjord Foundry LBP (Balancer): 0x67e0524739e59ca57ac27e520ea05d14cdb6015e

If you acquired XIRTAM tokens on the secondary market or through a third-party, it’s important to note that Binance cannot guarantee a refund at this time since they do not possess the funds used for those transactions. If you participated in an official token sale but the guide suggests you’re not eligible for a refund, it’s possible that your case is still under review.

Important Considerations

Binance retains the sole and absolute discretion to determine the refund process, criteria, eligibility, and refund amounts. The exchange will not be held responsible or liable for any claims, losses, or issues arising from XIRTAM’s actions or any decisions made regarding this refund process.

Contact and Inquiry

Should you have any questions or concerns, please refer to the guide for instructions on submitting an inquiry with detailed information about your investment and potential losses. Binance’s support team will review your case and provide follow-up assistance.

Binance remains committed to addressing the fallout from the XIRTAM incident and appreciates the continued support of its users.

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Binance Integrates Ethereum on zkSync Era Network

Binance, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, announced today that it has successfully integrated Ethereum (ETH) on the zkSync Era network. As of the announcement, deposits and withdrawals of Ethereum (ETH) tokens via the zkSync Era network are available to users.

zkSync Era is a layer 2 protocol enhancing Ethereum’s security using zero-knowledge cryptography. It aims to boost crypto adoption for individual sovereignty, believing freedom today hinges on cryptography. Ethereum, as the most decentralized blockchain, offers sovereignty to billions. zkSync Era amplifies Ethereum’s core values like trustlessness, unrestricted access, censorship resistance, and community-driven decentralization.

Users looking to deposit Ethereum (ETH) on the platform can locate their specific Ethereum (ETH) deposit address on the zkSync Era network through the “Deposit Crypto” page provided by Binance. Additionally, the Ethereum (ETH) smart contract address associated with the zkSync Era network has been made accessible to users.

Users should note that, owing to the zkSync Era Finality procedures, Ethereum (ETH) deposits on the zkSync Era network will necessitate a 24-hour waiting time before reflecting in their Binance accounts.

Should there be any discrepancies between the translated versions of this announcement and the original English text, the English rendition will be considered authoritative.

The implementation of zkSync Era provides users enhanced security and privacy, addressing growing concerns in these areas. Recently, Blockchain.News highlighted a paper co-authored by Vitalik Buterin on Blockchain Privacy and Compliance, which utilizes zero-knowledge proofs. This insight was shared by one of the paper’s authors.

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BNB Chain Announces Ecosystem Catalyst Award Winners

BNB Chain, a prominent blockchain ecosystem, announced the winners of its Ecosystem Catalyst Awards on September 6, 2023. The awards ceremony aimed to recognize and celebrate key contributors in various segments of the BNB Chain ecosystem.

Award Categories and Winners

The awards were divided into four main categories:

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Segment: Winners included PancakeSwap, MAV Protocol, Izumi Finance, Helio Money, and Alpaca Finance.

Gaming, NFT & the Metaverse Segment: Second Live Real, Element Market, Burger Cities Bar, Playbux Co, and Meta Merge were the awardees.

Infrastructure Segment: Polyhedra ZK, Layer Zero Labs, Galxe, BscScan, and Cyber Connect HQ were recognized.

Innovation Excellence: Dmail Official, Hooked Protocol, MathVerse NFT, Chain GPT, and received accolades.

Significance of the Awards

The Ecosystem Catalyst Awards serve as an important milestone in recognizing the “dedication, creativity, and vision” of developers and organizations that are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the blockchain space. According to BNB Chain, these contributors have played a “vital role in shaping the future of the BNB Chain ecosystem.”

Community Response

The announcement has been met with widespread approval and enthusiasm from the blockchain community. BNB Chain expressed its “sincere appreciation to all our finalists for their important contributions to our ecosystem.”

Future Implications

The awards are expected to drive further innovation and collaboration within the BNB Chain ecosystem. As BNB Chain stated, “Together, we’ll keep driving the BNB Chain ecosystem to new heights.” BNB Chain provides “cross-chain/multi-chain infrastructure and interoperability to lay the foundation for the next 1 billion Web3 users making it super easy for Web3 Gaming, NFTs and Metaverse dApps to scale.” Read more on exclusive interview by Blockchain.News with BNB chain.

Data-Driven Perspective

As of the latest data, BNB Chain has been experiencing steady growth in terms of user engagement and transaction volumes. The awards could serve as a catalyst for attracting more developers and users to the platform, thereby potentially increasing its market share in the competitive blockchain space.

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Yuga Labs Launches TwelveFold: Bitcoin Based Generative Art

Key Takeaways

* TwelveFold is a 300-piece generative art collection inscribed on satoshis.

* The project uses Ordinal Theory protocol to locate an inscribed satoshi.

* Participants can submit puzzle answers through various Bitcoin wallets, including Leather, Unisat, and Xverse.

* The first correct answer inscribed on a satoshi is declared the winner.

* Winners must fill out tax forms to claim prizes.

Yuga Labs, the web3 company with a strong track record in the NFT space, has expanded its portfolio with the launch of TwelveFold, a 300-piece generative art collection on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Known for its ownership of Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and its 2022 acquisition of CryptoPunks and Meebits from Larva Labs, Yuga Labs has also garnered attention for its financial success. As reported by Blockchain.News in March, the company earned millions from its NFT collection ‘Dookey Dash.’ The new TwelveFold project aims to explore the relationship between time, mathematics, and variability through a base 12 art system

What is TwelveFold?

Announced on September 5, 2023, TwelveFold is a 300-piece generative art collection that lives on the Bitcoin blockchain. The project is localized around a 12×12 grid and includes highly-rendered 3D elements as well as hand-drawn features. According to Yuga Labs, the collection “explores the relationship between time, mathematics, and variability.”

How Does It Work?

The art pieces are inscribed onto satoshis, the smallest individually identifiable units of a Bitcoin, using the Ordinal Theory protocol. This allows for the tracking of when that particular satoshi was minted. Participants can submit their puzzle answers through various Bitcoin wallets, including Leather (formerly known as Hiro), Unisat, and Xverse. A Bitcoin fee of approximately $4-$8 is required to inscribe the answer onto a satoshi.

The Rules

The first correct answer that gets inscribed is declared the winner of the puzzle. In case two people submit the correct answer in the same Bitcoin block, the answer with the lower inscription number is accepted. Winners are notified via email and must fill out tax forms to claim their prizes.

The Technology Behind It

The TwelveFold project leverages a method called “inscribing,” which allows creators to connect data to an individual satoshi and host metadata on-chain. This essentially enables the concept of NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain. Yuga Labs expects the technology and ecosystem around Bitcoin-based NFTs to evolve differently than other blockchain NFT ecosystems.


TwelveFold is a novel approach to generative art, leveraging the Bitcoin blockchain to create a unique art collection. While the technology is still nascent, it represents a significant step in the evolution of NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain.

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Solana Announces Hyperdrive Hackathon

Solana, a leading blockchain platform, unveiled its latest initiative, Hyperdrive, in a series of tweets on September 6, 2023. The event is described as an engineering and business competition where teams can transform an idea into a fully operational project within a span of five weeks.

Key Highlights

Grand Prize & Speciality Prizes: Solana has partnered with various entities for specialty prizes in categories such as Mobile Apps by MagicEden, Finance/Payments by Helio Pay, AI by UXD Protocol, DePIN by ionet official, Crypto Infrastructure by Ironforge Cloud, Gaming by Phantom, and DAOs/Network States by Balajis & The Network State.

Resources & Support: For participants seeking guidance, Solana has provided a range of resources available on its official website, along with FAQs and a dedicated Discord channel.

Past Success: According to Solana, their previous hackathons have garnered over 48,000 participants, led to the creation of more than 3,000 eco products, and attracted over $600 million in venture funding for winners.

Physical Locations: In addition to the online format, Solana is also facilitating in-person collaborations through Solana Hacker Houses in Bengaluru and Mumbai.

Eligibility: The competition is open to participants who are of the age of majority in their state or country of residence. No purchase is necessary to enter or win.

Third-Party Perspective

While Solana’s Hyperdrive aims to foster innovation in the crypto space, it’s worth noting that the competition is one among many in a crowded field of blockchain initiatives. The event does, however, offer a structured platform for developers and entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to fruition, backed by a blockchain that has previously demonstrated its ability to attract significant venture capital.

SEO Metrics

As of the latest data, the keyword “Solana Hyperdrive” is yet to gain significant search volume. However, related terms like “Solana Hackathon” and “Solana Competition” have shown consistent interest over the past year, indicating a potential uptick in searches as the event progresses.


Hyperdrive presents an opportunity for both novice and experienced developers to engage with Solana’s ecosystem. With a history of successful hackathons and a variety of specialty prizes, the competition could serve as a launchpad for the next wave of crypto innovations.

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Binance Announces Removal of Multiple Trading Pairs Including BAT, CVX, FORTH

Key Takeaways

* Binance to delist a total of 22 spot trading pairs on September 8, 2023.

* The delisting is part of Binance’s periodic review to ensure a high-quality trading market.

* Users advised to update or cancel their Spot Trading Bots to avoid potential losses.

With the aiming at maintaining market quality and protecting users, Binance, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has announced the delisting of several spot trading pairs. The announcement was made on September 6, 2023, and the changes will take effect on September 8, 2023, at various times throughout the day.

Delisting Details

According to the official announcement, the delisting will occur in three phases:




The delisting is attributed to “multiple factors, such as poor liquidity and trading volume,” but specific data points were not disclosed.

Impact on Spot Trading Bots

Binance will also terminate Spot Trading Bots services for the affected trading pairs at the corresponding times. Users are “strongly advised to update and/or cancel their Spot Trading Bots prior to the cessation of Spot Trading Bots services to avoid any potential losses.”

Future of BUSD on Binance

Interestingly, the announcement also encourages users to convert their BUSD assets into other available assets on Binance before February 2024. Users have the option to trade their BUSD balances for FDUSD at zero trading fees or convert their BUSD balances to FDUSD at a 1:1 ratio using the convert portal.

Implications for Traders

While the delisting of a spot trading pair does not affect the availability of the tokens on Binance Spot, it does limit the trading options for users. Traders are advised to adjust their strategies accordingly and to be aware of the upcoming changes to avoid any financial setbacks. Binance also encourages users to convert BUSD to other Stablecoins pior to February 2024.


The delisting is a part of Binance’s ongoing efforts to provide a secure and efficient trading environment. It serves as a reminder for traders to stay updated on exchange policies and to adapt their trading strategies as needed.

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Bitcoin (BTC) $ 43,819.74 4.87%
Ethereum (ETH) $ 2,263.71 1.57%
Litecoin (LTC) $ 72.96 1.12%
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) $ 252.22 1.70%