What is Conch AI?

Conch AI is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered writing assistant that was launched in the early 2020s. The tool utilizes machine learning and natural language processing algorithms to analyze and understand text-based data, offering a range of features to enhance the writing process.


Conch AI is a comprehensive writing assistant that allows users to rewrite sentences and paragraphs, summarize sources, answer questions, and generate introductions, conclusions, and outlines. It also has a built-in AI detector bypasser, which helps users avoid detection by algorithms like GPTZero and Turnitin. The tool is available as a Chrome extension, making it compatible with platforms like Gmail, WordPress, Google Docs, and LinkedIn.


1. Rewriting and Summarizing

Conch AI can rewrite sentences and paragraphs, making it a valuable tool for enhancing written content. It can also summarize sources, helping users to quickly understand the main points of a text.

2. AI Detector Bypasser

Conch AI has a built-in AI detector bypasser that helps users avoid detection by algorithms like ZeroGPT, GPTZero and Turnitin. This feature is particularly useful for academic and research writing where originality of content is paramount.

3. Chrome Extension

Conch AI is available as a Chrome extension, making it compatible with a wide range of platforms including Gmail, WordPress, Google Docs, and LinkedIn.

4. Answering Questions

The AI can provide answers to users’ questions, assisting with research and information gathering.

5. Generating Introductions, Conclusions, and Outlines

Conch AI can create these essential parts of an essay, streamlining the writing process.


Conch AI offers two pricing plans: a Free plan and a Pro plan. The Free plan allows users to access 3,000 tokens and try out the AI writing assistant without any cost. The Pro plan starts from $3.99 per month or $9.99 per month, depending on the source. The Pro plan offers additional features and benefits, such as 10x faster writing with AI assistance and an AI Bypasser to ensure content remains undetected by AI detection algorithms.


Conch AI has been widely adopted by users seeking to enhance their writing productivity. However, it’s important to note that the tool’s effectiveness can vary depending on the specific use case and user requirements.


What is Conch AI and Does Conch AI Bypass AI Detection?

What is Conch AI? How Does it Work?

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60k BTC and 60k ETH on Justin Sun’s Tron Seem Unbacked

Crypto analyst ErgoBTC has raised serious questions about the backing of TRC20 BTC tokens on the Tron network in a series of tweets. The analyst suggests that 60,000 of these tokens, currently parked in the JustLend protocol, appear to have never been backed. This implies an unbacked (non-existent) Total Value Locked (TVL) of $1.8 billion, which is roughly 50% of the current TVL in the JustLend protocol.

ErgoBTC’s tweets were in response to another tweet by a user named “alto | dollar.eth” who claimed to have found the wallet that backs the 60k ETH on Tron, but its current balance is zero. This raises further questions about the backing of TRC20 tokens on the Tron network.

In a typical centralized peg scheme, the custodian advertises their reserve holdings for transparency and trust, as seen with wBTC. However, information on the custodian for the TRC-20 BTC backing is practically non-existent.

The analyst conducted a thorough investigation into the existence of the total 114k BTC on the BTC blockchain. The findings suggest that if these coins exist, they are not sitting in a dedicated address. Furthermore, a deeper dive into the 60k “mint” done on August 21, 2022, revealed no signs of this activity on the BTC blockchain.

The investigation extended to major exchanges such as Poloniex, Huobi, and Binance, but none showed signs of the 60k BTC transactions. The TronDAO, which is not explicitly used for backing TRC20 BTC, also showed no signs of related non-exchange addresses.

The analyst concludes that these findings are signs that the TRC20 BTC on Tron was at best temporarily and partially unbacked, and at worst, still partially backed (-60k of the reported 114k BTC). The biggest impact seems to be a completely fake JustLend TVL, approximately 50% of which is apparently unbacked.

The tweets also trace the path of the 60k BTC minted on August 21, 2022, which was sent to JustLend for a 600m USDC loan. Half of this loan was repaid within two hours of creation, funded by an address attributed to Justin Sun. The remaining loan was funneled through another wallet, which also received from J-Sun and deposited over $1 billion to Circle in late September and early October.

The blockchain story ends here, but ErgoBTC notes that Huobi changed hands on OCT 10, 2022, one week after the >1B USDC deposits to Circle . The analyst emphasizes that the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, but none of this would be necessary if the TRC20 BTC custodian was transparent.


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在最近的一次网络安全事件中,Uniswap创始人Hayden Adams(@haydenzadams)的Twitter账户被自2023年4月以来一直活跃的骗子黑客攻击。这些犯罪分子在过去的几个月里创建了超过23个网络钓鱼网站,导致大约358名受害者损失了大约360万美元。



Hayden Adams后来重新控制了他的Twitter账户,并对在事件期间提供帮助的人表示感谢。他发推文说,“我再次控制了我的Twitter。感谢今晚帮助的每一个人,以及人们为协助拆除,警告等所付出的努力。”


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McDonald’s Hong Kong Partners with Sandbox to Launch First Metaverse Experience, McNuggets Land

McDonald’s Hong Kong has teamed up with The Sandbox, a decentralized virtual gaming platform owned by Animoca Brands, to create the first Web3 experience platform. This partnership has resulted in the launch of “McNuggets Land”, a unique metaverse gaming experience that marks the 40th anniversary of McNuggets.

Users of the game, which went live on July 20, 2023, may communicate with a variety of McNuggets-inspired game characters. Users can share their in-game experiences on social media platforms.

The game also includes a virtual art gallery where users can explore the 40-year history of McNuggets, and a virtual McDonald’s themed game where they can serve McNuggets to customers.

Participants in the McNuggets Land experience stand a chance to win a variety of digital and physical rewards. These include a share of a prize pool worth 100,000 SAND coins and a mystery gift box. Registered participants in Hong Kong can also share 10,000 McNuggets vouchers, with ten winners standing a chance to win the ultimate prize of “Free McNuggets for 365 days”.

The Sandbox platform, which is preparing to accelerate its development in 2023, has attracted over 400 partners, including major brands like Warner Music Group, Ubisoft, and Adidas. The platform aims to provide more self-publishing features and tools for brand partners and users.

Since 1975, McDonald’s has operated in Hong Kong, where it presently has over 250 outlets.

The Sandbox, on the other hand, is a subsidiary of Animoca Brands and has collaborated with numerous mainstream intellectual properties and brands. It has emerged as a significant driver of virtual real estate demand in recent years.

This partnership between a global fast-food giant and a leading metaverse platform highlights the growing trend of traditional businesses exploring the potential of the metaverse to engage with their customers in innovative ways.

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Bitcoin (BTC) $ 44,005.79 1.57%
Ethereum (ETH) $ 2,356.98 0.49%
Litecoin (LTC) $ 78.12 5.95%
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) $ 253.05 2.98%