Fujitsu Files Trademark for Crypto Brokerage Services

Japanese multinational tech company Fujitsu has filed a trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a new branding that intends to offer a range of financial services, including cryptocurrency brokerage services. According to the official document filed on March 16, the proposed mark consists of the stylized word “FUJITSU” with a sideways s-shaped swirl over the “J” and “I.” The new branding would support various financial facilities, such as accepting deposits, financing loans, financial management, and the exchange of crypto assets.

Fujitsu has been increasingly interested in the Web3 technology space, with the launch of its Web3 acceleration platform in February 2023. The platform aims to support startups and partner companies in creating a diverse ecosystem of Web3 applications that span a range of use cases, including digital content rights management, business transactions, contracts, and processes. The move demonstrates Fujitsu’s commitment to driving innovation in the emerging Web3 industry.

The company’s decision to offer cryptocurrency brokerage services comes as financial regulators in Japan call for stricter banking rules for the crypto sector. In January 2023, the Deputy Director General of the Financial Services Agency’s Strategy Development and Management Bureau, Mamoru Yanase, urged global regulators to introduce tighter banking rules to improve the crypto industry’s governance and internal controls. He acknowledged that the issue wasn’t with crypto technology itself but with the “loose governance, lax internal controls, and the absence of regulation and supervision” that led to recent scandals in the sector.

Fujitsu’s move into the crypto brokerage services market signals its recognition of the growing importance of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in the financial industry. The new branding could help Fujitsu establish itself as a leading provider of crypto-related financial services, leveraging its extensive expertise and resources in the technology sector.

In conclusion, Fujitsu’s trademark application for cryptocurrency brokerage services and other financial facilities demonstrates the company’s commitment to the emerging Web3 industry and its growing interest in cryptocurrencies. The move could also help Fujitsu establish itself as a leading provider of crypto-related financial services and position itself at the forefront of innovation in the financial technology sector.


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