Flipkart Introduces Avenue for Indians to Shop in the Metaverse

Indian retail and supermarket giant, Flipkart is looking to redefine the future of shopping with the launch of the Flipverse, a metaverse arena where shoppers can get a peak of the products they want to buy.


In reality, Flipverse is designed to change the shopping experiences for both the customer and the business brands who embrace the offering. The Flipverse technology was created with the tech stack of eDAO, a Web3.0 startup that was incubated by the Polygon-Layer-2 protocol

According to Flipkart, the aim of Flipverse is to enable customers and brands to get closer to their brands in a way that communication can be both ways. The Flipverse offering is one that will be gamified, interactive, and immersive shopping experience for consumers in a digital world by giving them access to their favorite brands, Super coins, and digital collectibles. 

“The future growth of e-commerce will be influenced by the immersive technologies of today, and Metaverse is one of the significant revolutions in this arena with immense potential,” said Naren Ravula, VP and Head, of Product Strategy and Deployment, Flipkart Labs, 

“The launch of Flipverse will continue to have an impact on innovative industries like e-commerce and enhance the customer experience while delivering a gamified and an immersive shopping experience, especially in light of the adoption of the metaverse and web3 platforms by multiple brands in India. By providing customers with access to their preferred brands, offers, SuperCoins, and digital collectibles, we are aiming to improve their shopping experiences in a virtual and immersive setting.”

The Web3.0 ecosystem might be new, but both companies operating in the space, as well as their traditional counterparts, are currently joining forces to promote the introduction of use cases that can drive enhanced adoption across the board. 

As announced, the first phase of the Flipverse shopping campaign will run for a week, with projections to onboard a million more users in the near future.

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