Terra’s Do Kwon Says He is Cooperating With Prosecutors in New Interview

In what appears to be the longest interview session Do Kwon has had since the collapse of Terraform Labs and its associated tokens LUNA and UST, founder, Do Kwon, has granted over an hour of an interview to crypto Journalist and host of the Unchained Podcast Laura Shin.


In the interview, Kwon said he is currently cooperating with South Korean regulators but has not felt the need to turn himself in as he has not seen an arrest warrant from the prosecutors yet.


“We haven’t seen a copy of the arrest warrant so every piece of data we are consuming is from the media,” Kwon said, affirming that all of the document requests he has been served has been treated.


One of the most important talking points with Shin was the remorse he felt for the whole collapse of the protocol. He emphatically said he was “sorry” about how everything went down and said he believes every investor in the LUNA and UST believed his assertions that the algorithmic stablecoin can be kept stable.


Kwon said he believes the accusations of fraud and scams are unwarranted and that every investor deserves to know what really transpired. He said he understands that it is very difficult to leave with immense losses and that is part of what breaks him the most.


The embattled developer said besides the collapse of the LUNA and UST tokens and the ecosystem that was built around the coins, he has contributed positively to the growth of the crypto ecosystem in the five years he has been a leader in the space.

Despite the more than an hour interview, Kwon did not disclose his location, and besides South Korean prosecutors that are on the hunt for him, Interpol has also issued a Red Notice for him, making him one of the most wanted humans alive.

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