BaaS Startup Domineum to Train 100k Nigerian Students in Blockchain Solutions

Domineum, a London-based Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) startup, is set to train as many as 100,000 students under the umbrella of the Nigeria Association of Computing Students (NACOS) in blockchain and emerging technologies. 


As announced, the partnership seeks to ensure the youths, which are considered the future leaders in digital technologies, gain the adequate skills they need to be changemakers and contribute their quota to the Nigerian economy.

Africa has often been seen as an untapped region when it comes to blockchain-related initiatives. While the region is known as a major hub in terms of the growth and adoption of blockchain-related innovations.

When it comes to crypto trading activities, Nigeria has consistently been ranked above a number of other African countries, as well as emerging countries in other parts of the world. The move from Domineum to train budding professionals will seek to bridge the gap in what Nigeria currently lacks and what it needs to stay well visible on the radar as one of the most renowned crypto hotspots in the world.

“The NACOS / DOMINEUM partnership is a strategic collaboration that will bring a significant change to all students studying computer-related courses in tertiary institutions across Nigeria,” said Geoffrey Weli-Wosu, Chief Executive Officer of Domineum Blockchain Solutions, adding that “Youths hold the future of IT in Nigeria, and it is paramount that they should be invested in and supported with the necessary resources, connections, and opportunities to excel.”

Crypto and blockchain-related education account for one of the most proactive ways to build capacity in the nascent ecosystem and empower the next generation of developers. Stakeholders in the crypto world, including exchanges and Layer-1 and 2 protocols, are investing heavily in blockchain-related education.

Thus far, most of these programs have led to a series of hackathons from which innovative projects serving the broader crypto ecosystem have emerged.

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