PwC Hong Kong and TerraZero Partner to Explore Metaverse Products

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Hong Kong has partnered with Metaverse technology company TerraZero to explore Metaverse products and services.

According to a press release, PwC Hong Kong announced that it has signed a cooperation agreement with TerraZero Technologies Inc., a Metaverse technology company, to provide Metaverse products and services.

PwC will explore the public Metaverse experience for business-to-business (B2B), Business to Government (B2G), and Business to Customer(B2C) applications and build a Metaverse private hosting service that provides brands with enterprise-grade security, privacy, and security features to communicate with customers in a trust-based manner in the Metaverse Interact and trade.

PwC will also work with TerraZero to explore new ways companies can build privately hosted Metaverse experiences.

Peter Brewin, a partner at PwC Hong Kong, said TerraZero’s solution, combined with PwC’s digital expertise in a new way through an immersive 3D experience, can provide businesses with a toolkit to build users An experience you can trust.

He also added that:

“In addition to creating engaging experiences for customers and delivering sustained outcomes, it is important that companies can manage the risks around user privacy, data security, cyber, payments, tax, and financial crime.”

TerraZero CEO Dan Reitzik said that:

“TerraZero’s strengths are in creating engagement, community, and usability solutions that bridge the real world and the metaverse. We are particularly excited about both decentralized metaverse worlds and what TerraZero is creating for private environments: where companies, entrepreneurs, artists, and content creators of all kinds can safely conduct transactions and KYC processes, manage their brand IP, and more – all within an environment which brands can completely control themselves. This is the vision we will follow as the metaverse continues to grow and major entities enter the space.”

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