The Metaverse Enjoys Potential to Revamp Existing Brand Marketing, HashCash CEO Says

Thanks to a 7,200% surge in internet search volumes last year, the metaverse will be a revolutionary innovation that will reshape brand marketing, according to HashCash Consultants CEO Raj Chowdhury.

Chowdhury acknowledged:

“A captivating and innovative user experience must gain priority in brands planning to explore and implement metaverse marketing strategies. Revenue generation and process viability are crucial, but in the end, the definition of marketing success needs to be distinct and original.”

As an unexplored frontier with significant capabilities for marketers, Chowdhury believes enterprises should leverage the metaverse by coming up with unique brand-building, effective channels for revenue generation, and the latest marketing trends.

Therefore, marketers should roll up their sleeves by incorporating strategies for immersive world experiences if they are to succeed in revenue generation and brand building in the metaverse.

Chowdhury pointed out:

“The gradual transition towards consumer-led brand marketing contributes heavily to metaverse community growth. Enterprises venturing into the metaverse need to determine their marketing goals and the best platforms for converting their ideas of client-user experience into virtual reality.”

Since the metaverse integrates virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), it exists in real-time, and its economy is powered by cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Furthermore, the metaverse seeks to revolutionize various sectors. For instance, Usain Bolt, the 8-time Olympic gold medalist and 11-time world champion teamed up with Step App to take fitness and exercise a notch higher by incorporating Web3 and the metaverse.

Step App, a FitFi platform, revealed plans to build a gamified metaverse for the fitness economy to generate a healthier world through Web3, Blockchain.News reported. 

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