UNBLOK Provides Incentive-Based App Market Research Blockchain Solutions

UNBLOK LLC provides consumers with a revolutionary solution through blockchain technology, allowing users to use the application on their mobile phones without the need to conduct traditional application market research and get rewards.

UNBLOK LLC is transforming the incentive-based applied market research business by focusing on payments via blockchain and cryptocurrencies, generating usage data, and providing a win-win situation of picture for businesses and customers.

Different from traditional incentives for users to get rewards by scanning receipts, watching advertisements, completing surveys, etc., unblock uses blockchain technology to collect non-identifiable analysis data in the background. Users only need to use the unblock application on their mobile phones and provide enterprises with Data to earn crypto tokens.

Jorge Checo, the founder of UNBLOK, LLC, said:

 “Now people can earn crypto for using the apps they use everyday. It doesn’t matter where they live. It is for everyone.”

“It allows users to spend more time doing what they enjoy on their phones, instead of trying to earn rewards points and miles and getting stressed out about cashing them in before they expire. UNBLOK is a total game-changer for users and businesses.” Jorge Checo added.

Users can exchange corresponding cryptocurrencies for other cryptocurrencies or NFTs and other commodities at the same time.

In addition to providing users with their latest crypto token totals in real-time, the company says the app allows users to see how many crypto tokens are being generated by specific mobile apps, allowing them to make strategic adjustments.

The company said it is currently actively developing a search engine for information users can create on Android and iOS mobile apps.

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