Animalia: Blockchain Gaming for Newbies and Veterans

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have undoubtedly taken the center stage in the cryptocurrency field lately.

From being a medium of immortalization of art to the hottest new collectable, they are all the rage these days. One interesting sector where NFTs are making their mark is within the gaming industry.

A booming example of the above is the play-to-earn sector that’s entirely made possible through the implementation and integration of NFTs. And one game that’s based on these tokens and attempts to maintain a balance between complexity and joy for players of all skills is Animalia. The game has characters that are not only NFTs themselves but are also references to common crypto terms like bull, bear, and whale.

The goal of Animalia is to defeat others in battle and potentially earn rewards.

Calling All Players 

At its foundation, Animalia is designed to cater to the needs of a wide array of players. The game is free to use but is also play-to-earn. This means that those who play it can earn NFTs, which can, in turn, be traded for other digital tokens on the secondary market.

Animalia also has several gameplay modes that make it suitable for both those who are new to gaming and those who have played for years. First, there is the player-versus-environment mode (PvE). In this mode, the player is not competing against another player but instead is going through a storyline with less pressure.

This will likely be helpful for those just starting out with less experience or those who simply want something less challenging. Players can also play against other players (PvP) in both ranked and unranked mode.


In the ranked mode, the more games a player wins against others, the higher their rank will be and with a higher rank comes more rewards such as loot. For this type of gameplay, Animalia is getting help in the person of Enzo “Warma” Floch, a Hearthstone pro-gamer who has played games for years, as the game advisor for Animalia.

Over time, Animalia hopes that tournaments can be introduced into the mix to foster more of a community spirit.

For newer players and those who don’t want that type of pressure, there are unranked PvP play options. This takes place in the PvP training area, where players can battle each other without the outcomes affecting their ranks, scores, and so on.

The Future of NFT Gaming

The dynamic nature of blockchain gaming and the novelty of it all means that some of the people who are playing will be less experienced. In light of this, Animalia has taken steps to make sure that all types of players are catered to.

For those who enjoy the thrill of the challenge and climbing the leaderboard, there are ranked PvP games. For those who would rather battle others without the anxiety of a ranking over their heads, there are unranked games. For those who don’t want to battle anyone at all, there are also options.


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