StarSharks Raises The Bar For GameFi Following $SSS Staking Launch

The StarSharks metaverse is taking the gaming and NFT industry by storm. It is a growing ecosystem that will span multiple games. Moreover, the recently launched $SSS staking solution and referral rewards provide more value to long-term token holders.

The StarSharks Ecosystem Explained

Gamification plays a crucial role in making NFTs and decentralized finance more accessible to the mainstream. StarSharks, the shark-based Metaverse, tackles the concept head-on by engaging the community at every turn and building a sustainable economic system. non-fungible tokens provide infinite opportunities and possibilities, including in the gaming sector. The StarSharks team will bring forth multiple in-house developed games featuring modular components to bring more utility to the NFTs in this Metaverse continually.

More importantly, the community is invited to co-create content and gameplay as part of the StarSharks Metaverse. Every new form of content can bring more use cases to the non-fungible tokens in the ecosystem, driving more value to every asset. Moreover, the gaming community will receive a significant share of revenue generated by StarSharks as an incentive to keep contributing and expanding the ecosystem.

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As StarSharks will span a total of five games – of which the first was released several weeks ago – the gameplay element of the Metaverse will prove crucial.

StarSharks.Warriors is a turn-based card game where players eliminate all sharks on their opponent’s team. The game can be played in PvE and PvP mode, featuring automated matchmaking based on player ranking.

All five games under the StarSharks banner share how the Metaverse assets can be transferred and used between the different games. The StarSharks team wants to break through the glass ceiling limiting the usability of NFTs and pursues true ownership of digital assets. Additionally, the project secured $4.8 million in private funding to make this vision come true.

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Rent-To-Play Is An Exciting Concept

Players who cannot afford a StarSharks NFT can rent a non-fungible token from another player, introducing the novel “rent-to-play” concept to bring out the full liquidity and utilisation of StarSharks NFTs. More importantly, this forward-thinking approach closes the gap between NFT holders who may not have the time to play the game every day and interested players who may not possess the necessary capital to purchase an entry NFT.

By leveraging NFTs in a play-to-rent feature, the StarSharks team emphasises the versatility of non-fungible tokens. The person renting out the StarShark remains the owner of the asset, yet they can give others a chance to explore the games in the shark Metaverse As these NFTs provide access to the five games under the StarSharks banner, there are many options to explore without getting bored.

The other games to be released in this Metaverse include:

  • Simulation: a shark raising simulator
  • Land: land construction and use, team battles, and the ability to trade land NFTs
  • Racing: Using extra in-game skills to increase odds of winning races with Sharks
  • Card: A turn-based strategy card game involving tactics and card acquisition

There is much to look forward to, and all games are accessible by StarSharks NFT holders, either directly or through the rent-to-play feature.

Dual-Token Structure And Staking

The StarSharks ecosystem consists of a dual-token structure. SSS, the governance token, allows holders to share the StarSharks IP’s value through a Decentralised Autonomous Organization (DAO) and provides voting rights to shape the sharks Metaverse’s future. The in-game token, called SEA, lets players enhance and modify their in-game NFTs and is a reward for winning battles across the various games.

The StarSharks team recently introduced a staking mechanism for $SSS, the governance token. Users can choose five different locking periods – each with a different quantity requirement – to receive VeSSS tokens, allocated every day. Staking $SSS makes users eligible for rewards in $SSS, $SEA, or $BNB. All VeSSS holders share rewards from the staking pool.

StarSharks Referral Program

GameFi ecosystems must cater to as many users as possible. The rent-to-play mechanic will bring more players to the various games in this Metaverse, but the StarSharks team wants the community to engage people through other means too. A recently launched referral sharing mechanism can prove rather beneficial, as any NFT holder can refer other players to earn money.

That money comes from referrals buying a mystery box in the marketplace through the SEA token. Referrers earn 5.75% of the total transaction amount and 7% of the platform fee charged by the platform. For C2C transactions, 7% of the platform fee goes to the referrer.

Gaining more referrals helps referrers earn promotion points, which are tracked for a different competition. Each season, the top 500 referrers ranked by promotion points will receive a referrer bonus. However, if a referrer doesn’t meet the conditions, SEA tokens will be burned, and BNB is put into the staking pool.


There is much to like about the StarSharks Metaverse. Launching multiple games to keep players engaged is a crucial aspect. Moreover, these games are accessible by buying or renting an NFT and provide decent rewards to players. The ecosystem NFTs can be used across the various games, making for rather versatile assets.

Additionally, the recently introduced referral mechanism and $SSS staking option bring more value to long-term asset holders and players.


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