Ember Sword Partners With Immutable X & Migrates from Polygon

Bright Star Studio´s Project Ember Sword, originally built on Polygon, is shifting to Immutable X, an Ethereum L2 Solution for NFTs, by the end of this year.

Ember Sword is a multi-platform Free-to-Play MMORPG Game set in a player-control fantasy universe or metaverse. Ember Sword allows digital collectible assets enabled by a blockchain-enhanced economy.

MMORPG stands for ‘massively multiplayer online role-playing game’.

In other words, it is a story-driven digital video game in which the player assumes the identity of a character or avatar in a virtual or fantasy world. The user embodying his character’s avatar interacts with a large number of other characters corresponding to real-time logged-in players.

Ember Sword Goes Ethereum

Massive NFT scaling needs and the will of tying up with the Ethereum ecosystem, determined the bold move.

With this upgrade, Ember Sword will be able to confirm some 9.000 transactions per second with instant confirmation at gas-free minting, while users´assets stay safe in a decentralized ecosystem under Ethereum´s ¨bullet proof¨ security shield.

By end of Q4 2021, 48,000 Ember Sword NFTs with gas-free and 100% carbon-neutral minting supported by Immutable X protocol over the STARK-based zero-knowledge rollup (the Layer 2 blockchain solution).

More than 35,000 players promised Ember Sword to buyout over $ 203 million on the virtual land of its fantastic world. Hence, players can become landlords and collect NFTs and Ember, the game´s native ERC-20 token.

Ember Sword on the other hand, committed to develop a new brand of MMO games where the player can trade assets and build communities collecting personalized and tradable NFTs, among other interesting tokens and assets.

A Co-founder at Immutable X, Robbie Ferguson, said,

“Ember Sword is doing everything right. There’s a reason they have nine figures in committed land sales. They’re obsessed with making a sustainable, player – driven economy, ensuring long – term scale, and the highest level of asset security. We’re thrilled to work with them in meeting the scaling demands of millions of players, in what will be a landmark MMORPG.”

Meanhile, Loren Roosendaal Founder and Executive Producer at Bright Star Studios stated,

“As we continue to build our on-chain presence through the sale of NFTs, and the launch of our Alpha next year, it is vital to ensure that we are backed by an extremely scalable layer 2 solution…By partnering with Immutable and StarkWare, we will be able to deliver a better in – game experience while offering the strong security guarantees that zk rollups provide.” 


Immutable X is the first Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution for NFTs, to handle gas free mining and trading, within the boundaries of safety of the most used blockchain in the world for NFTs, Ethereum.

Powered by Starkware´s edge technology, the solution displays massive scalability, around 9,000 transactions per second, instant trade confirmation, and an exciting developer and user experience.

Associations with established marketplaces like Mintable or OpenSea have been announced, powering most of the largest NFTs plays of users apps (TikTok), social metaverse (IMVU), gaming (ESL Gaming, Gods Unchained, Guild of Guardians, GreenPark Sports, Illuvium, MyCryptoHeroes+), and launchpad partners (SuperFarm, Epics.gg).

Those interested in further detail about Immutable X, just click right here.

What is Ember Sword?

Ember Sword pioneered the blockchain game space back in 2018. It’s a cross – platform, free-to-play, open world fantasy MMORPG.

In this game, players don’t have to choose specific classes or roles, enjoying a full autonomy sandbox experience. Also, players can own land in the metaverse, and the world is fully controlled by the communities.

The Alpha version of Ember Sword to NFT owners is expected to be launched in 2022 by the staff at Bright Star Studios.

To learn in more detail about Ember Sword please click here!

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