Polygen Raises $2.3 Million for Its Truly Decentralized and Pro-Project Launchpad

November 2, 2021 – Panama City, Panama

Polygen – the world’s first truly decentralized launchpad without gatekeepers – has raised $2.3 million through an investment round. Polygen differentiates itself from the dime-a-dozen launchpads active in the industry today by letting anyone launch a project. A permissionless launchpad to fund innovation and without fees can change this industry for the better.

Polygen provides a breath of fresh air in the world of blockchain launchpads. Current solutions all foster innovation on a specific blockchain – but they also look and operate the same.

Fueling innovation in this industry requires the removal of all intermediaries and gatekeepers. Additionally, there is a need for more transparency, automated processes and post-launch support.

The approach by Polygen has attracted significant investor interest. The project has raised $2.3 million in funding from many high-profile investors. The lead investor is SL2 Capital, followed by 18 Ventures, Twin Apex Capital, AU21, Polygon Syndicate, Axiom, ZBS Capital and Pluto. Other participants include Iconomy, Insignius Capital, NetZero Capital, Maven Capital, Woodstock Capital Fund LLP, Sky Man Ventures, Lumos Labs, Moonboots Capital, Storna Finance, Extra Watts, LD Ventures, Keys Investment, LucidBlue Ventures, Biconomy, GSR and Amplio Capital.

A representative of Insignius Capital said,

“Insignius Capital is excited to embark upon this journey with Polygen. The current lack of transparency and decentralization shouldn’t be the norm for launchpads. As such, we are committed to supporting Polygen in bringing decentralization and efficiency back to the launchpad sphere. We look forward to a positive collaboration with the highly regarded Polygen team.”

In the blockchain space, projects should not bow to the demands and interests of those who run the launchpad – instead, it should be the other way around. The project and investors’ interests must be the number one priority.

Polygen acknowledges this facet and removes the permissioned gatekeeper approach from the equation. As a result, its technology can be the Uniswap of launchpads, providing unparalleled and democratized access to launchpad services.

Through a truly decentralized approach, Polygen can help any project. For example, developers can list their projects and use event-based raise tokens rather than permanent tokens.

That is a novel approach capable of suiting any project round model – seed, private or public funding. Additionally, one can connect the different rounds to ensure people who believe in a project get the associated tokens.

Polygen’s primary selling point is how every step of the launchpad process occurs on-chain for optimal transparency. Additionally, the launchpad supports any type of raise, with tokens distributed to those who believe in a project.

Finally, as any team or developer can list their venture, there will be broader access to potential investment opportunities, innovation and competition. More importantly, it addresses the need for innovation and experimentation.

Mike Hepburn, CEO of Polygen, said,

“I am extremely excited to be part of the Polygen team. Our industry-first decentralized launchpad with no gatekeepers is generating a lot of excitement in the crypto ecosystem. Furthermore, I believe Polygen represents a step-change in launchpad fundraising with projects able to raise funds with complete freedom to innovate and experiment.”

About Polygen

Polygen is the first truly decentralized launchpad where anyone can launch their project with no gatekeepers and are free to innovate and experiment.

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Mike Hepburn, CEO of Polygen

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