Plugin — Decentralized Oracle Listed on Well Know Crypto Exchanges

Decentralized oracles are specially created to achieve deterministic results that rely on cause and effect in comparison to an individual relationship. A decentralized oracle solves security issues by providing a trusted and reliable system.

More so, it bridges the gap between blockchain smart contracts and external data sources by applying the traditional method of using API to fetch data. They obtain data from the most trusted sources and deliver it to the user through the blockchain and external data sources.

The Plugin is the agnostic decentralized oracle. It offers a cost-effective solution for any smart contract on the XinFin ecosystem. Additionally, it provides a high level of security and scalability for all kinds of blockchain technology that implements its data feeds.

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Consequently, the main benefit of using a Plugin is the data feeds are being provided by the platform at a very low and affordable cost compared to any other oracle provider. Also, the data feeds are highly diversified as per the needs of the customers and the XinFin community.

Plugin ecosystem’s token PLI token is a powered token developed on XinFin’s XRC20 Standard. The main goal of the Plugin is to reduce the gas fees, increase transaction speed, and deliver hundreds of Dapps that can connect to Data Oracle and reach millions of individuals globally. collects data from various external sources, consolidates, and ensures the correct value is provided to its user at any point. Thus, it is the most difficult part of any decentralized oracle provider that is highly trusted by all its users.

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Plugin Listed on Bitrue and Globiance Exchange

Currently, Plugin is listed on some well-known crypto exchanges.  The plugin was listed on one of the top crypto exchanges Bitrue. Furthermore, Bitrue is a well-known cryptocurrency exchange with support for trading, loans, investments, and more.

The main aim of Bitrue is to utilize blockchain and new technologies to enable all users to access fair financial services, despite their location in the world and their economic position.

Finally, the Plugin is listed on Globiance, which is a financial services group consisting of cryptocurrency exchanges and financial institutions. The Globiance platform covers the exchange and trading of crypto and fiat currencies, stable coins in major currencies, payment solutions, and worldwide transfers.

Plugin is now available to trade on Globiance. So, the users of Globiance can easily trade Plugin on this crypto exchange platform.


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