Just Gave Away Its Fifth Lambo in 2.5 Years

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In 2019, had a vision: to give back to the close-knit crypto community that had made it the seventh-largest online gambling website in the world.

The result: Win a Lambo, a Golden Ticket Contest that would allow users to win the biggest prize in crypto – a Lamborghini.

Fast forward to October 2021: A user has just won a Lambo, the FIFTH Lamborghini given away by in 2.5 years. Let’s take a look:

And the Winner Is

Win a Lambo Round 5 at began on 24th April, 2021. The draw was held on 21st October 2021, and User 6922573 emerged as the lucky winner.

The winner held 473 tickets. With a total ticket tally of 1,167,477, the user had a winning chance of as low as 0.04%.

The winner has two options to choose from: a Lamborghini Huracan LP 580-2 or 3.08468652 BTC ($200,000 in BTC deposited directly into their account).

Round 6: Here’s How You Can Win a Lambo Too

Win a Lambo Round 6 began as soon as Round 5 ended. Everyone, including you, can participate in the #BiggestGiveawayInCrypto and stand a chance to win.

Follow the steps below to participate in the giveaway:

  1. Create an account on
  2. Collect Free BTC or deposit BTC into wallet.
  3. Play the HI-LO dice game, or bet on sports, events, and cryptocurrency prices.
  4. For every 0.005 BTC wagered in total on both the dice game or the event betting page, the user earns 1 Golden Ticket.
  5. Golden Tickets can also be purchased for 0.00025 BTC each.
  6. Collect as many Golden Tickets as possible to increase the chances of winning a Lamborghini.
  7. After the contest ends, a provably fair lottery draw will be conducted to pick the lucky winner.

Note: has a strategic partnership with the FUN Token that allows FUN token users to earn additional benefits at, one of them being the chance to earn extra golden tickets through free spins. FUN Token users can effectively increase their chances of winning with this benefit.

It’s that simple. The contest ends in April, so you have time to stock up on Golden Tickets. The more you collect, the higher your chances of winning. Stake a claim to the biggest prize in crypto at

About has been an integral part of the crypto community since 2013. The website was launched with a singular objective: to spread the word about Bitcoin and to facilitate the worldwide adoption of the coin.

With over 47 million registered users and 232,000 BTC distributed since launch, is the world’s premier bitcoin gaming platform. runs on a fully automated, proprietary tech stack that provides users with a truly fair and rewarding gaming experience.


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Cryptosnake: New DeFi NFT Game Based on Snake

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In recent months, DeFi-based non-fungible token (NFT) games have been pumping to record highs, accumulating tens of thousands of users globally. 

They adopt the play-to-earn business model that allows gamers to earn crypto rewards while playing their favorite games. 

There are thousands of NFT games already in the market, and more are being launched every day. But even with the long list of games available, blockchain gamers are still looking for something that allows them to earn more rewards. And now Cryptosnake aims to live up to that expectation. 

What is Cryptosnake?

Cryptosnake is an NFT-focused blockchain game based on the simple yet classic “Snake” from the 2000s.

The game’s concept involves a snake that has to “eat” bricks to grow. Players direct the snake so that it does not collide with either the obstacles in the game or its body. The game’s difficulty increases as the snake’s length grows. 

Although this game has been adapted to different devices, with developers trying to come up with new ideas to make it more appealing, the basic concept remains unchanged.

But now, Cryptosnake is aiming to evoke that feeling of nostalgia and at the same time introduce a way for players to earn real cryptocurrencies while playing the game.

How Does it Work?

Cryptosnake offers enticing and diversified income streams available. The main source of income is derived from growing the snake, and that involves feeding it tokens provided on the playing field.

Players earn a passive annual percentage rate (APR) by staking their SNAKE tokens, and the rate grows if the snake is more pumped.

Additionally, gamers can increase their APR by accumulating the many available bonuses in the game such as one which rewards you for spending more time.

Interestingly, the game integrates halving into its protocol. Every six months, the APR will be cut in half, and this gives early users an advantage.


Finding or buying game artifacts is another way that players earn from Cryptosnake. The artifacts, which include diamond, snake hunter, snake charmer, shadow snake, rainbow unicorn, and more, act like portions or boosters to increase the snake’s profitability. They are limited in number, making them more valuable.

Another income stream comes in the form of a reward system where 30% of the first transactions conducted by new players in the game are distributed among old players. 

In this case, players do not even have to invite anyone to the game to earn a reward. The only way players can ensure that they get this reward is by joining the game in its early stages.

Cryptosnake is also designed in such a way that not only the in-game currency is a non-fungible token (NFT) but every game asset, including the artifacts and the snakes themselves.

This allows players to buy and sell any in-game object on the marketplace and earn real money from them.

How to Participate

Currently, Cryptosnake has not been officially launched, but it is in the final stages of development and is scheduled to go live on November 30, 2021.

However, early fans of the game can join the project’s community and stand the chance of receiving bonuses in the form of the SNAKE token, which will subsequently be sent to their registered Cryptosnake digital wallets when the game finally launches.

Tokenomics: What is SNAKE token?

SNAKE is the native utility token of Cryptosnake. It is based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network and can be exchanged for other BSC-based currencies.

It has a supply cap of 10 billion tokens, with an initial distribution of 100 million SNAKE tokens, which will be available on PancakeSwap for a presale, allowing investors and other market participants to purchase the token at an early stage of the project launch.

The remaining tokens, 9.9 billion SNAKE will serve as staking tokens and will be elastically issued the moment the NFT is broken (when the snake is destroyed) and converted into SNAKE tokens at market exchange rates. New tokens will also be issued at the time of staking interest accrual.


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Valkyrie’s Bitcoin Futures ETF Is Now Live on Nasdaq

Key Takeaways

  • Valkyrie has launched its Bitcoin futures ETF under the ticker BTFD.
  • The ETF is the second of its kind. ProShares launched a similar ETF this Tuesday; VanEck will do so next week.
  • These funds track the value of Bitcoin futures. There is still no U.S.-based ETF that tracks the value of Bitcoin itself.

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Valkyrie has launched its Bitcoin futures ETF, an investment fund that tracks the value of Bitcoin futures.

Valkyrie ETF Is Live

The fund went live on Friday, Oct. 22, under the ticker BTFD on Nasdaq. The acronym was chosen to suggest “Bitcoin futures” as well as the meme trader catchphrase “buy the f—ing dip.”

Valkyrie noted that Bitcoin futures are “becoming an increasingly popular investment vehicle for both individuals and institutions” and said that its ETF provides exposure to more investors “without the pitfalls and hurdles” of direct investment.

Exchange-traded funds or ETFs provide investors with a way to invest in Bitcoin and its derivatives indirectly, without the need to hold Bitcoin in a wallet and without the need to register with a retail exchange. This approach appeals to institutional investors who are more familiar with traditional investment vehicles.

Market Details Revealed

Valkyrie’s fund carries a fee of 0.95%, or $0.95 on every $100 invested. That fee is equivalent to ProShares’ ETF fee, though VanEck’s upcoming ETF aims to provide a lower fee of 0.65%.

Currently, ProShares’ fund (BITO) is outperforming Valkyrie’s fund (BTFD). While the former has a daily high/low of $41.30/$38.90, the latter has a daily high/low of just $25.50/$23.93.

The trading day has not yet concluded, making it difficult to say which fund will have more appeal. Valkyrie’s fund brought in $10 million of volume within the first five minutes. ProShares, by contrast, brought in $570 million over the course of its first day.

Futures ETFs Are on the Rise

Today’s launch is the second in a series of newly-approved Bitcoin futures ETFs. ProShares was the first company to launch a Bitcoin futures ETF in the United States as its product went live on Tuesday, one day later than expected.

SIMETRI Research
Sanctor Turbo Demo Day

VanEck’s Bitcoin futures ETF will be the next fund to go live. It is expected to launch next week on Monday, Oct. 25.

These ETFs all track the value of Bitcoin futures, not the value of Bitcoin itself. To date, there is still no true Bitcoin ETF in the United States that tracks the market value of Bitcoin.

Disclaimer: At the time of writing this author held less than $100 of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and altcoins.

This news was brought to you by Phemex, our preferred Derivatives Partner.


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Bitcoin Creates Digital Ownership For The First Time

Bitcoin Sovereignty: Part One

So, you have taken the orange pill and are now going down the Bitcoin rabbit hole. You may be wondering what’s at the bottom? What is the core innovation of Bitcoin, from which all of wonderland is created? The answer may surprise you.

Along your Bitcoin adventure, you will meet many fascinating characters. They will tell you Bitcoin is many things: digital gold, a store of value, digital scarcity, peer-to-peer cash, proof of work. But at the bottom of the rabbit hole, we find something even deeper, an entirely new type of property rights — an entirely new type of ownership.

What we can own, and how we protect those property rights, lies at the very core of the type of society we live in, and the sovereignty we have to lead the lives we choose. If we can’t own the things that are important to us, we can’t own our own destiny, our choices are constrained, and we’re impoverished. Freedom is a very abstract term, but it is made concrete when you recognize that it means ownership. Freedom is ownership of yourself, your choices and your property.

The way we operationalize freedom is through property rights. Every single human right is effectively a form of property rights. Your ability to make sure nobody attacks you, that’s ownership of your body. Your ability to decide whether or not to get a vaccination, that’s ownership of your health. Your ability to travel, to speak your mind, to create things, these are all forms of ownership of your body and mind.

At the end of the Bitcoin rabbit hole is a new kind of ownership, more subtle and powerful than any we have had before. A new type of property with more powerful rights protection than any we have had before that provides us all with an unprecedented path to self-sovereignty and freedom.

Bitcoin Is Digital Property Rights

Until Bitcoin came around, there was no such thing as digital ownership.

Sure, you could be on the internet, but you couldn’t own anything on it. Music? Copied. Your search history? Owned by Google. Your connections with friends? Owned by Facebook. Your opinions? Owned by Twitter and censored by Twitter. Even PayPal, which was supposedly designed to provide you with a free market in which you could buy, sell and own things, saw them reserve the right for themselves to kick you off their platform, confiscate all your funds or censor your transactions.

A world without ownership is a public toilet.

Nobody cares about public toilets, and they are very frequently disgusting. Everyone uses them, no one wants to keep them clean. A lack of property rights on the micro level gives you a public toilet.

A lack of property rights on the societal level gives you the Berlin Wall.

Berlin was split into two, almost as a natural experiment in what happens when you provide one group of people with secure ownership and leave another group without it. What happened in Germany was what happened everywhere this same experiment has been tried: People in the place with property rights became more prosperous, while those in the place that didn’t provide those rights had to build a wall to keep people in because the people didn’t own property, the people became property.

The Mystery Of Missing Productivity Growth

This helps us to understand a mystery. For over 25 years now we’ve had the world wide web and people were predicting that by connecting the world the internet would create phenomenal prosperity and greatly increase economic growth but instead we’ve seen economic stagnation. Wages have stagnated, economic growth has slowed and become completely reliant on money printing, just to stay above zero. The mystery is how could this be?

Well, part of the answer is we married this 21st century technology, the internet, to a system of economic sophistication straight from the bronze age. Therefore, the internet owners, like Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos, are the only sovereigns — modern day pharaohs — who instead of controlling the Nile and the water streams control the servers and the data streams. This leaves you, we, us, as the serfs. The pharaohs have thrived while we have stagnated.

But then there is Bitcoin, a democratic revolution for the digital sphere in the same way that Athens and Rome were democratic revolutions for the ancient world. Democratic in the original sense: Demos meaning the common political unit of the people. Bitcoin is the invention that provides a way of protecting the rights of individuals. Bitcoin is a global jurisdiction of a new kind: Providing borderless, permissionless property rights to all its censorship-resistant citizens. Permissionless because it relies on no pharaoh. Censorship resistant because no pharaoh can stop it.

Bitcoin Is A New Flourishing

Societies flourish when people are provided with such secure property rights and know that what they create and exchange voluntarily with others will remain theirs.

Until Bitcoin, the power to protect and secure ownership rights was based on the logic of violence: Either you needed to protect yourself from violence or had to rely on governments or other powerful groups to protect those rights for you.

Bitcoin created a conception of rights based not on the power of violence but on power of a different kind: the logic of cryptography, math and shared truth. It replaced violence with cooperation.

That is why it’s important to take the Bitcoin rabbit hole all the way to the end so we understand what’s at stake here. Digital rights which can be enforced for all people, globally, across borders, without violence. Bitcoin, this new power, finally puts us — the individual — in the driving seat, with sovereignty over our own lives.

Bitcoin also has created a newly powerful Demos, a wealthy community of Bitcoiners who together control a global jurisdiction. This gives us the opportunity and responsibility to create a new civilization, based on the free cooperation of sovereign people.

Now we have that power, the one remaining question at the bottom of the rabbit hole is this: How will we use it?

This is a guest post by Edan Yago. Opinions expressed are entirely their own and do not necessarily reflect those of BTC, Inc. or Bitcoin Magazine.


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What’s Next For Solana Prices After The Token Reached Its Latest High?

Solana’s sol token has had a very interesting day, climbing to its latest zenith and then suffering a retracement.

The digital currency, which serves as the native token of high-performance blockchain platform Solana, reached $215.06 this morning, Messari data shows.

After rising to this level, it fell back, declining to almost $195, a drop of more than 9%, additional Messari figures reveal.

Following this pullback, the digital currency recovered somewhat, and was trading close to $199.00 at the time of this writing.

[Ed note: Investing in cryptocoins or tokens is highly speculative and the market is largely unregulated. Anyone considering it should be prepared to lose their entire investment.]

After these latest price movements, several technical analysts offered perspective, shedding some light on the key considerations that market observers should monitor going forward.

“Solana’s SOL token is facing a strong amount of resistance at $215,” said John Iadeluca, founder & CEO of multi-strategy fund Banz Capital.

He noted that if the cryptocurrency can break through this selling pressure, the next level of resistance will be at $250.

“I believe the strongest current selling pressure has built up resistance around $250,” said Iadeluca, who specified this as an important psychological level.


After that, the digital asset would face a “significant sell wall” near $260, where there is currently substantial “selling pressure volume.”

Jason Lau, COO of cryptocurrency exchange Okcoin, offered a similar point of view.

He noted that “$215 is the last all time high so resistance is expected. If we can clear this, $250 is certainly possible.”

Julius de Kempenaer, senior technical analyst at, also identified the $215 level as resistance, but stated that the $270 level will come next, describing that as being “the height of the consolidation projected on top the breakout level.”

RSI Considerations

In addition to clarifying the price levels that could offer key resistance, technical analysts also looked at the relative strength index (RSI), which is a technical indicator designed to give users a sense of how much an asset is either oversold or alternatively, underbought.

Lau spoke to this, stating that “the Relative Strength Index (RSI) is showing signs of SOL being overbought in the short term.”

Armando Aguilar, vice president of Digital Assets Strategy for Fundstrat Global Advisors, concurred, stating that according to this particular indicator, “SOL is in overbought territory.”

Iadeluca offered a slightly different viewpoint, stating that in his analysis, the digital token has just barely moved into this territory.

“My most confident gauge of Solana being truly overbought, at least relative to its RSI level, would be if it moves further into overbought levels over the next coming days,” he stated.

Disclosure: I own some bitcoin, bitcoin cash, litecoin, ether, EOS and sol.


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Reddit Seeking Backend Engineer for NFT Platform

Key Takeaways

  • Reddit has posted a job advertisement for Senior Backend Engineer, NFT Platform.
  • In the posting, Reddit highlighted the importance of community in the NFT world.
  • A Reddit NFT platform would not be the company’s first foray into crypto projects, having issued its own ERC-20 tokens in the past.

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Reddit, one of the largest content aggregators and social media services, may soon be launching a platform for users to buy and sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The company is hiring a backend engineer to develop a trading platform for “NFT-backed digital goods.”

Reddit Job Listing Hints at an NFT Marketplace

A job post published today on Greenhouse, a popular recruitment platform, appears to confirm that Reddit is hiring a senior backend engineer to design and build backend services for a large-scale NFT trading platform. The post made note of the central role many believe NFTs will play for creators and communities in the future. Hence, it advertises that it is “looking for engineers and leaders to help us seed the [NFT] team.”

According to the job post, the person hired as the senior backend engineer will “design, build and ship backend services for millions of users to create, buy, sell and use NFT-backed digital goods.”

The NFTs space has experienced parabolic growth in the last six months, fueled by an incredible demand for tokenized art, in-game items, and digital collectibles. The ongoing boom has prompted some of the largest crypto firms, such as Coinbase and Binance, to launch their own marketplaces facilitating the buying and selling of these assets. Now, it appears Reddit may be planning its own NFT marketplace.

SIMETRI Research
Sanctor Turbo Demo Day

According to some recent estimates, the total volume of NFT sales amounted to about $10.7 billion in Q3 2021. Amidst the frenzy, other NFT marketplaces have seen skyrocketing revenues. The leader in this category is OpenSea, which generates roughly $68 million in revenue per week, according to crypto analytics service TokenTerminal.

Notably, this is not the first crypto endeavor for Reddit. The social media firm has previously issued ERC-20 tokens for two subreddit forums in the past.

This news was brought to you by Phemex, our preferred Derivatives Partner.


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Multi-Trillion-Dollar Investment Firm Pimco Is Ready To Step Into Crypto, Says CIO

A global management firm handling over $2.2 trillion in assets is ready to embrace crypto.

In a new interview with CNBC, Pimco chief information officer Daniel Ivascyn says that even though cryptocurrencies have a good chance of “disrupting” the industry, the company still plans to invest in digital assets.



“Now we’re looking at potentially trading certain cryptocurrencies as part of our trend-following strategies or quant-oriented strategies, then doing more work on the fundamental side.

So this will be a gradual process where we spend a lot of time on the internal diligence side speaking to investors. And we’ll take baby steps in an area that’s rapidly growing.”

Ivascyn says that Pimco is strategizing how to deal with possible disruptions that decentralized finance (DeFi) might bring.

“You have to understand decentralized finance, because it will be disruptive, and it very well may disrupt our industry, and our business in particular.

[We are] thinking about scenarios where this could take us to ensure that we are competitively prepared to deal with what’s a rapidly changing environment that offers a pretty significant value proposition, particularly for younger generations, or the new generation of the investment community.”

Though the company has yet to invest in cryptocurrencies directly, some of the firm’s hedge funds are currently dealing with crypto-linked securities.

“We’re trading from a relative-value perspective. So we’re not taking directional exposure, but we’re looking to take advantage of mispricings between the cash product, popular trust that trades on the exchange, and then the futures.”


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Dogecoin Price Jumps After Elon Musk’s ‘Trillionaire’ Tweet

In brief

  • Dogecoin’s price rose this afternoon following an Elon Musk tweet about it.
  • This has happened many times in the past.

It’s a time-tested maxim in the cryptocurrency industry: when Elon Musk tweets about Dogecoin, the price usually goes up. And it happened again today.

On Friday afternoon, the popular UberFacts Twitter account—with more than 13 million followers—tweeted, “Elon Musk is predicted to become the world’s first trillionaire, thanks to SpaceX.”

Spotting yet another opportunity to interject one of his favorite meme topics, the SpaceX and Tesla CEO replied, “*In Dogecoin.” Musk, who has more than 61 million Twitter followers of his own, has racked up tens of thousands of interactions on the tweet in about an hour, as of this writing.

As we’ve seen many times in the past, the market reacted quickly to Musk’s tweet, with DOGE’s price jumping about 5% in less than an hour, per CoinGecko. Currently, the price of the leading meme coin is hovering above $0.25, and the coin is up 7% over the last seven days, and about 25% over the last month.

Musk is a longtime fan and proponent of Dogecoin, and has repeatedly tweeted about it through memes and jokes.

He’s called himself “The Dogefather” and even referenced DOGE on “Saturday Night Live” during his May hosting appearance. Musk even briefly planned to sell a Dogecoin-inspired NFT collectible, but ultimately changed his mind.

Musk is also working with the developers of Dogecoin to try to improve the cryptocurrency, and make it a cheaper and more energy-efficient alternative to Bitcoin.

The crypto market entered a summer-long slump in May soon after Tesla announced that it would stop transacting Bitcoin, due to the environmental impact of mining.


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Price analysis 10/22: BTC, ETH, BNB, ADA, XRP, SOL, DOT, DOGE, LUNA, UNI

Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) have both witnessed aggressive profit-booking after hitting their respective new all-time high. This suggests that traders who had bought on rumors of a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund booked profits following the successful launch of the ProShares’ Bitcoin Strategy exchange-traded fund (ETF) (BITO).

The bulls tried to stage a recovery in Bitcoin after the launch of the second BTC futures-linked ETF by digital asset manager Valkyrie on Oct. 22 but met with strong selling pressure at higher levels. The selling has pulled the greed level on the Crypto Fear and Greed Index from 84 on Oct. 21 to 75 on Oct. 22.

Daily cryptocurrency market performance. Source: Coin360

JPMorgan Chase strategists said in a note that BITO was “unlikely to trigger a new phase of significantly more fresh capital entering Bitcoin” and the hype in the product may wane after a week. The strategists pointed out that capital was shifting away from gold ETFs into Bitcoin funds since September and that “supports a bullish outlook for Bitcoin into year-end.”

Could Bitcoin and Ether witness a deep correction and what are the critical support levels to watch out for? Let’s study the charts of the top 10 cryptocurrencies to find out.