Celebrity Kim Kardashian West Posts a Crypto Related Paid Story on Instagram

Celebrity Kim Kardashian West and other famous key opinion leaders have recently joined the cryptocurrency carnival.

Over the past two years, cryptocurrencies affairs are getting more popular in the public’s daily life. Many celebrities and influential people have a stronger identity with endorsing cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. Among them, the most well-known billionaire is the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, who named himself “Dogefather”.

For influencers these include big names such as DJ Khaled and Paris Hilton. However, compared with influential capability, Kim Kardashian West’s post, as an influencer with 228 million followers on Instagram, is regarded as almost certainly the most prominent social media encryption promotion ever.

Kim Kardashian West posted an Ethereum-related network project-related story on her Instagram story with 228 million followers on Monday.

In the story she posted, Kim Kardashian West shared a cryptocurrency called “Ethereum Max token”. The post was not financial advice, but Kim Kardashian West labelled it with hashtag  #AD beneath, indicating that this post was charged.

It is unknown how much she gets paid for her posting yet. But according to a court filing in 2019, she might earn between $300,000 and $500,000 by a single posting on her Instagram account.

Despite Kim Kardashian, a boxing legend Floyd Mayweather and Jack Paul of the National Basketball Association also recently endorsed Ethereum Max.

What is the Ethereum Max token?

Ethereummax (Emax) is treated as an altcoin. Emax is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. A small part of the transaction can be redistributed to its token holders. It was launched in May with a 2 trillion supply in total.

According to its official website, users can use the Coinbase exchange app to buy Ethereum max tokens.

At present, No relevant information related to the white paper of the altcoin and other information about the team behind the project has been disclosed on its homepage.

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