IOST’s Basic Technology Superior to EOS and Ethereum for the Fourth Consecutive Time: CCID Ranking

The basic technology behind IOST–an enterprise-grade, high throughput blockchain–supersedes 37 high-profile competitors, including EOS and Ethereum, per the latest ranking from the Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID) shows.

IOST Tops the Basic Technology Index

Published on June 11, CCID ranks IOST’s Basic Technology the highest at 106.7.

It was superior, trouncing other public chains for the fourth consecutive time, highlighting the platform’s stretch in continuous technical improvements.

Over the years since its launch, IOST has been relentless in achieving its mission. They are continuously improving to enhance performance, decentralize the base layer, and secure the network.

All this makes IOST stands taller against fierce competitors like EOS and Ethereum.

For their efforts, IOST is on the path of standing shoulder to shoulder with the sphere’s most active network, Ethereum, which is ahead due to its first-mover advantage.

An Easy-to-use Platform

IOST’s initial approach makes it more like a plug-and-play platform. For instance, while Ethereum struggles with high Gas fees, projects launching on IOST allow its user-base to near-zero payments.

At the same time, IOST’s architecture makes it ready to handle intensive dApps without affecting performance.

It explains why, over the years, IOST has been attracting high-profile partners, especially from South East Asia, including China and Japan.

All this is because IOST is developer-friendly and community-facing.

To illustrate, IOST is the world’s first decentralized platform that can concurrently support thousands of nodes without giving up on its performance.

Additionally, developers seeking to launch DeFi dApps or create NFTs can, in simple steps, release their products.

To spark activity, especially in DeFi and NFTs, the IOST Foundation has rolled out several funds to support potential projects and creatives.

IOST Applicability Better than EOS, Bitcoin, and Ripple

Besides basic technology, IOST edged out EOS on applicability.

Under this sub-index, the CCID assesses platforms on their comprehensive level of support for actual applications.

Herein, aspects such as node ecosystem deployment, wallet compatibility, development support, and dApp implementation count.

Ethereum tops and IOST closely follow. Besides exceeding EOS on applicability, IOST also tops Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin (BTC), Zilliqa (ZIL), among other projects.

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