BTSE Reveals the Launch of B2B NFT White Label Solution

Crypto exchange BTSE has announced the launch of a B2B white label solution that allows organizations to create, buy and sell Non-fungible tokens (NFT). This development is expected to expand the current services offered by the exchange into the growing NFT sector. 

BTSENFT Solution Developed in Partnership with UnitLondon

BTSE further revealed this development today, June 4, and offered more details about the NFT solution. According to the exchange, the innovative NFT solution was developed in collaboration with London-based art gallery UnitLondon

The BTSENFT White Label Solution is one of the first B2B NFT platforms that provide comprehensive Fiat multi-currency support. It integrates the BTSE wallet technology allowing users to deposit money from fiat accounts easily and supports debit and credit cards as well as SEPA, FPS, and SWIFT payment networks. 

Additionally, the BTSENFT solution is built to the strictest security standards, offering clients a safe and secure platform. The onboarding process is relatively straightforward, and BTSE clients can reach out to a huge market base of people who may not be entirely crypto savvy. 

The ease of converting between multiple assets on the BTSENFT solution means that buyers and collectors can manage their NFT portfolio without the complexity of using multiple wallets. 

BTSE Looking to Leverage NFT Boom 

BTSE also revealed that developing an NFT platform was due to the recent NFT boom in 2021. NFTs have managed to attract interest from non-crypto enthusiasts due to their unique attributes. Many celebrities, brands, and creators have turned towards creating and selling their works in the form of NFTs. 

BTSE intends to leverage this by improving the current difficulties associated with NFTs via its fiat-crypto and off-ramps features. This will help users overcome the problems of using cryptocurrency wallets when using NFT platforms powered by BTSE’s white label solution. 

In addition, BTSE made extensive consultations with some of the established names in the NFT sector to design its white label solution. This includes Marlon Flohr of Bassjacker, considered among the world’s top-rated DJ duo who have released several NFT collections. The exchange also consulted popular NFT artist piplpleasr and Andrew Kang, co-founder of Mechanism Capital. 

BTSE also revealed that more NFT creators have shown interest in deploying BTSE’s white-label platform. There are expectations that the BTSENFT solution will be widely adopted due to its backing by one of the top Crypto exchanges in the world. BTSE has also demonstrated its aim of bridging mainstream audiences with the exciting world of NFT digital assets with its white label solution. 

Jonathan Leong, Founder of BTSE, had some notes on the development:

“We are delighted to launch the BTSENFT White Label Solution with Unit London, a collaboration that will pave the way for other clients exploring new opportunities in digital assets. The solution’s crypto-fiat multi-currency wallet speaks to the strength in convenience that users will enjoy.” 

He further added that the BTSENFT solution had unique qualities that would resonate with potential clients.

“The versatility in customizing for virtually any market will be attractive for our clients’ NFT projects offering a spectrum of creative works. We think people will be as excited as we are by the many possibilities – as seen already through the new bridge built between the art world and tech,” Leong concluded. 

About BTSE

BTSE is a leading digital currency exchange and financial technology company that empowers users by offering a simple and secure way to trade. BTSE’s suite of financial services are designed to introduce innovative digital assets to the traditional financial landscape. It features services that include multi-currency spot and derivatives trading, white labels, OTC, asset management, and payment gateways. 

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