BitTorrent & ColdStack Form Partnership: Deeper Use Cases to Result

ColdStack and BitTorrent are working together to make the capabilities that BitTorrent possesses to the ColdStack ecosystem. Both platforms have a lot to offer, and now ColdStack users will have the ability to leverage the world’s most advanced P2P sharing ecosystem from the ColdStack platform.

BitTorrent offers the world the following tools:

  • BitTorrent Speed
  • BitTorrent File System
  • DLive
  • More coming soon

In addition, BitTorrent has shown its widespread appeal by attracting more than 100 million users every month.

The simple fact is that a large number of people in the world value the free exchange of information, and BitTorrent has developed tools to make that sharing a reality.

ColdStack Users can Benefit from BTFS

The team at ColdStack is excited to be working with BitTorrent.

According to a press release from ColdStack:

“BitTorrent File System (BTFS) is one of the first decentralized file storage systems, and provides a foundational platform for decentralized apps. BTFS is supported by millions of BitTorrent user nodes. It is both a protocol and network implementation that provides a p2p mechanism for storing and sharing digital content in a decentralized filing system. It is a next-generation file-sharing protocol utilizing the TRON network and the BitTorrent ecosystem.”

ColdStack is a decentralized file storage system aggregator, so it isn’t difficult to see how a tie-up with BitTorrent would benefit its user base. It already works with platforms like Filecoin and Lambda, so another option for its users simply strengthens an already powerful mix of P2P storage solutions.

ColdStack puts it in these terms,

“Our partnership with BitTorrent allows us to bring BTFS to the ColdStack ecosystem, and allow those participating with it to fully benefit from the advantages of BTFS.  ColdStack is developing a Gateway Storage SDK that will be entirely on-premise and open source, which could be freely used separately from the ColdStack dApp. BTFS will become one of the Decentralized Storages which will be supported by our SDK in addition to STORJ, FileCoin, Lambda, SIA, as well as other future Storages.”

The Need for Independent Storage is Growing

While decentralized file storage options would be necessary in their own right, the current online environment demands that there are ways to store data remotely – and without the involvement of big tech companies.

Tech platforms like Amazon Web Services, which include cloud storage, have been seen as a way to grow an online business without investing in expensive IT infrastructure. However, in late 2020 and early 2021, this business model was called into question.

A Twitter challenger, called Parler, was banned by numerous big tech platforms, with AWS included in that list. Whatever a person’s politics may be, when a platform like AWS becomes political, anyone who wants to do uninterrupted business has to take an event like this into account.

More Decentralized Data Storage is Good

The partnership between ColdStack and BitTorrent will no doubt increase the use of BTFS, and also deepen the number of decentralized storage options that ColdStack users have access to. From a wider perspective, these kinds of tie-ups help a vital sector grow.

Information has become a sensitive area in the global economy over the past decade, and this trend seems like it will continue. Sadly, there seems to be a rising tide of censorship.

Decentralized data storage is a key part of allowing information to flow globally, and give a voice to those who are marginalized by those who control the major tech platforms currently.

In a few years, these kinds of decentralized data storage platforms may become the last bastion of free thought, which, while unfortunate, is badly needed to maintain our current knowledge base in times of great social stress.



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