Kualian Sandbox Test Environment Launched

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Taking advantage of the potential of blockchain technology, Kualian calls itself an ecosystem that ranges from cryptocurrency trading, staking services, cryptocurrency exchange, learning center and even a blockchain charity foundation; The versatility of this crypto ecosystem offers the user a wide range of options when it comes to entering the exciting world of digital currencies with the support of the best tools, to the point that institutional companies such as Venture Capital trust in Kuailian as an official ally.

Innovation is part of the DNA of this company, therefore, after months of work, the development of the Kuailian mini smart pool has been completed, which can replicate the operation of the main architecture of the platform based on the node assembly system. automatic, reward settlement system, dispersal system, with a clear objective that is the certification of the technology by an external company.

Purpose of the SandBox

To begin with, it would be good to know exactly what is a SandBox? it is a mechanism to run programs safely and separately. It is often used to run new code, or unreliable third-party software.

Main objective

That an external company make a certification on the operation of the system: Because the SandBox is a test environment, with it you can quickly and accurately observe the benefits that the system can offer when performing all the normal operations that make up its operation.

This has as main objectives:

  1. Demonstrate that the system is reliable and produces sustainable results: This means that it is the opposite of a pyramid scheme since they do not produce profits but pay the old users with the money of the new users. The SandBox will be able to demonstrate that all transactions in the system are real and truly produce sustainable benefits for its users.

  1. Demonstrate that there is an assembly and disassembly system for automatic staking technologies.: Staking is known as an alternative to common mining since it works in a similar way but through a validation methodology in which users leave their cryptocurrencies locked and these serve to support the security and verification of the operations of the network on which they run.

  1. Demonstrate that a reward settlement technology exists: It is very important to declare that the system is capable of paying the rewards it produces thanks to the operation of a machine learning tool. Thanks to this tool, it is possible to find the necessary liquidity paths to convert low liquidity currencies, which are generated as yields, into highly liquid currencies.
  2. Prepare the basis for the defense against lawsuits and for the instruction of lawsuits that the company will file for defamation and right of honor: Lately the image of the company has been badly punished in the Spanish market and Kuailian will take measures against all malicious actions that have been carried out to defame with false news. In this way, a much clearer picture of the company’s values and the true operation of the platform can be shown.

In conclusion

The execution of this SandBox system will allow to show with luxuries and details the real operation of the platform and what it is capable of offering to all the users who participate in it. For this reason, the company has already begun to work with the programmers of the external company that will do the certification in order to demonstrate that the technology is real and that it can produce sustainable long-term results. All of this will allow the development of new technologies that can expand Kuailian’s platforms. If you want to be part of this crypto ecosystem, you can go to it on its official pages.

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