Gauging the Potential of Jigstack’s STAK Token

New tokens and assets launch daily in the cryptocurrency space. Culling the wheat from the chaff can be difficult, as every new listing is a potential unicorn. Jigstack’s STAK token has potential as it provides passive revenue streams to all token holders.

Exploring The Jigstack Ecosystem

Whenever a new token launches, it is essential to look at the broader ecosystem supporting it. In the case of Jigstack, the team is intent on building a decentralized and autonomous solution for decentralized finance purposes. By empowering users and removing all intermediaries from its growing range of products, Jigstack can build powerful tools that can rival existing centralized infrastructure.

Governed by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, or DAO, the Jigstack ecosystem spans multiple revenue-generating products. The team wants to tackle inefficiencies in online marketing, organizing token sales, benefiting from proof-of-stake solutions, or even gifting crypto-assets to any email address. There are many opportunities in the broader cryptocurrency world to explore, as the first generation of DeFi-oriented solutions leaves to be desired.

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Taking the Ethereum ecosystem as an example, there is a fractured ecosystem competing for liquidity. Rather than being interoperable, the current generation of solutions forces users to make choices. Jigstack wants to provide a bit of everything to cater to the needs of many. All of its products can work on their own or work together to create more versatile solutions.

The Benefits Of STAK

As the native currency of the Jigstack ecosystem, STAK will play an integral role. More specifically, it benefits from all activity taking place through Jigstack’s products. Every transaction via Jigstack will award STAK holders with passive revenue. The network maintains a 1% transaction fee on all activity. Eighty percent of the fee will be distributed to STAK holders directly, with the remainder being used to burn STAK  to reduce the circulating supply.

Additionally, Jigstack’s Lemonade platform will provide an extra benefit to STAK holders. As the native token sale platform of Jigstack – compatible with multiple blockchains, including Ethereum and Hedera Hashgraph – it will award 1% of the tokens being sold to STAK holders. This is on top of the normal 1% transaction fee, creating multiple revenue sources for STAK token holders. Jigstack’s Lemonade is more affordable and accessible than other platforms.

There is a secondary purpose to STAK, as it acts as the governance token. Jigstack is a DAO, ensuring the token holders can steer the many products’ future direction by exerting their governance power through the token. The combination of a cutting-edge voting system with commission and interest streams creates a different ecosystem where everyone is empowered equally.

Lemonade And The STAK IDO

Jigstack’s Lemonade product is the proverbial lemonade stand approach to organizing token sales and fundraising opportunities. Rather than requiring teams to code smart contracts, everything can be set up through a web interface, lowering the entry barriers for users and companies alike. Making it more accessible to organize professional token sales will bring more revenue dividend potential to STAK holders.

Jigstack will host its upcoming STAK Initial Dex Offering (IDO) on the Lemonade platform. Taking this approach illustrates the team’s confidence in their technology. Additionally, it will serve as a good example of how this new token sale platform works. The team aims to provide more transparency to investors, allowing them to interact with the smart contracts to contribute or remain up-to-date about the sale’s current state.

As Lemonade includes essential features – automated whitelisting, token vesting customization, and lower costs – this token sale will serve as a valid test case for the technology. The Lemonade code has recently been audited by CuberUnit, helping the team address some minor aspects of its platform before rolling it out to the public. Transparency and auditability are often hard to come by in DeFi, yet they are integral parts of everything Jigstack will bring to market.


As a versatile service provider, Jigstack can bring significant value to STAK token holders. The prospect of earning passive revenue from all activity taking place under the DAO’s products creates an incentive for investors looking to become a part of the cryptocurrency and DeFi ecosystem.

More importantly, it is rare to see a team develop various tools under a DAO banner to let the community govern everything. Most DeFi projects maintain a degree of centralization, allowing the developers to step in when necessary. Jigstack foregoes this option in favor of empowering the users equally.


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