Finxflo’s cross-chain functionality opens up a world of new trading pairs

Both trading volumes and active wallet addresses for bitcoin have now surpassed their previous all-time highs that were seen during the last cryptocurrency bull run of 2017. As capital from legacy traders and long-standing institutional investors alike pours into the space, the future is looking good for the world of cryptocurrencies.

With over 8300 cryptocurrencies listed on Coinmarketcap as of January 2021, trading pairs with the likes of BTC (Bitcoin) and ETH (Ether) have been available on cryptocurrency exchanges platforms for some time. This being said, there are a plethora of trading pairs that are not available do to an overall lack of cross-chain compatibility still apparent within the blockchain world.

Finxflo, a new exchange that aggregates both CeFi and DeFi offers from the world’s leading exchanges and liquidity providers, looks to offer traders a wealth of new trading and arbitrage opportunities via it’s native FXF token. The FXF token is both ERC20 and TRC20 standard and can therefore be traded with both ETH and TRX pairs, giving traders access to previously impossible trading and arbitrage opportunities.

Ahead of the pack

Various exchanges have in recent months expressed interest in adding TRC20 tokens to their platforms and, with Bittrex Global listing their first TRC20 token on the same day as the JustSwap platform launch, Finxflo looks to be ahead of the pack by offering a bridge between the thousands of ERC20 tokens and those running within the lightning-fast Tron ecosystem. 

Following Finxflo’s partnership with JustSwap in August of last year, people will also be able to trade the FXF token on the platform which was unveiled as the first token exchange protocol on TRON Exchange back in August 2020. The partnership will also see both platforms “collaborate in the areas of commercial and marketing development, whilst solidifying technological DeFi advancements”.

The Blockchain 3.0 asset

The FXF token opens the floodgates for cross-chain interoperability, acting as the mediator between two previously detached blockchain technologies. Users of the Finxflo exchange will have access to over 25 trading pairs on the platform including those that are unavailable on other popular exchanges, all through the platform’s easy to use platform that is fully compliant and regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Finxflo users will benefit not only from these new trading pairs but also from staking, liquidity mining and yield farming opportunities simply by holding the FXF token. FXF tokens can be staked or used to provide liquidity to the ecosystem in exchange for rewards and token holders can also choose to provide liquidity to FXF for underlying exchanges, with funds used as a margin on underlying trading platforms. Liquidity providers will in return be rewarded with FXF tokens.

Yield farming in particular, besides being potentially very profitable, can also be very time-consuming and the team behind Finxflo have addressed this issue head-on. By holding FXF tokens, users are granted access to all of the most prominent DeFi protocols in the market through Finxflo’s protocol aggregator, saving time and maximising yield opportunities.

“Just like it is the case with the best prices of crypto assets on exchanges, Finxflo singles out the best rates and opportunities for a yield farmer who, in turn, only needs the Finxflo account through which they then approach the protocol.” – James Gillingham, Finxflo Co-Founder and CEO.

The best of both Fi’s

The Finxflo team has not only made the exchange platform safe, fast, and easy to trade with, but they have also gone to great lengths to offer traders features and products that raise the bar for cryptocurrency exchanges. Aiming to become an industry-leading exchange aggregator, the platform looks to give users a DeFi and CeFi trading experience not experienced anywhere else.

The Finxflo Private Token sale sold out rapidly and the team recently announced that the final stage of their token-based capital raise will take place on the popular funding platform Polkastarter on February 08, 2021.

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