SaTT Takes On Blockchain Innovation In the Advertising Industry

Before now, not so much has been said of the role of blockchain in the advertising industry especially in the area of implementation and mainstream adoption. Blockchain technology is a powerful tool that promises to reshape the orthodox way of doing things starting from traditional finance. 

Today there is hardly any industry that hasn’t felt the disruptive native of blockchain, the advertising industry hasn’t escaped this disruptive impact either. Digital marketing has changed a lot in the past decade, but that needed change hasn’t been fully achieved as the industry is about to go through another revolution, thanks in large part to the blockchain. 

With the aid of blockchain technology, transactions between two parties can be carried out without the need for third-party verification. The payment network and the ad metrics within an advertising structure can be greatly improved using blockchain transparently and efficiently. 

Ultimately, blockchain decouples the presence of third-party within the advertising network. The technology is changing digital marketing by removing companies’ abilities to pull data from customers without also offering to reimburse them for its value. The idea is that it gives the value of data back to consumers. 

How Big The Industry Can Become

The advertising industry is growing at a breakneck speed and as the industry surges, blockchain will unarguably play a crucial role in its long-term growth. According to data from Google Trend, the ad industry is expected to climb to  $427.26 billion by 2022. Unfortunately, a large chunk of this amount is lost to fraud. 

Relying on information obtained from Juniper Research, it is estimated that digital ad fraud will cost advertisers $44 billion globally in 2022, more than twice the $19 billion estimated for 2018. This is largely due to the lack of transparency that has clouded the advertising industry. This presents a strong use case for blockchain in the area of combating digital ad fraud.

This has presented a lot of opportunities for blockchain-based projects to spring into the limelight with revolutionary innovative products. A notable mention in this area is Smart Advertising Transaction Token (SaTT), a blockchain-based advertising project that focuses on bringing complete decentralization to the advertising industry. 

The blockchain industry which is expected to reach over $23.3 billion by 2023 and $176 billion industry by 2025 will be crucial in improving the transparency that exists within the ad industry by first decoupling the presence of middlemen. 

SaTT Presents Strong Use Case For Blockchain-based Advertising

Since the SaTT platform officially went live in early 2020, the blockchain-based advertising project has garnered a lot of interest within and outside of the blockchain industry. SaTT aims to bring decentralized advertising products to the advertising industry with the aid of blockchain technology. 

In early 2020, SaTT integrated its decentralized advertising solution with the top social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter. Allowing advertisers to promote their products and services through influential marketing strategies. 

With the help of SaTT’s custom-built decentralized smart contract oracle, SaTT connects advertisers to publishers (social media influencers) together, allowing publishers to create content via these social media channels and in turn get paid for their effort based on the level of engagement derived (number of views, shares, likes, comments of the publication)

This process deployed by SaTT is entirely automated and void of human interference, improving upon existing and new advertising metrics. 

SaTT mission is clear, and they have been resilient in delivering upon their promises. Sometime in November, they unveiled a 6-month roadmap which will ultimately set the path for the project to become open-source, a crucial step to complete decentralization and maximum community participation. 

Interest Around SaTT Sets New Highs Every Day.

Cryptocurrency SATT is a Smart Advertising Token that governs the SaTT ecosystem platform and primarily used for settling advertising fees and reward within the SaTT platform. Since cryptocurrency SATT debuted on exchanges in September, it has attracted a lot of interest, resulting in the token outperforming most of the best performing crypto assets.

In the past two weeks, SATT has rallied more than 150% to reach an all-time high market capitalization of $12.5 million. Despite this rally, SaTT is still pretty much undervalued when compared to the size of the industry and all the developments that have been ongoing in the project. This makes SaTT one of those innovative projects to keep a tab on in 2021. 

SaTT is currently trading on ProBit, Coinsbit,, Uniswap, and Binance DEX. They are keen on getting listed on reputable exchange, with the most recent listing being Binance DEX

For Binance DEX, BSATT is listed under the BNB market and users have already started trading the BSATT/BNB pairs beginning from January 8th. This move will unarguably open up a rare opportunity for the SaTT ecosystem to draw closer towards joining the larger Binance family.

Being particular about decentralization, SaTT is doing everything possible to get listed on the top decentralized exchanges (DEXs) with a promising future.

Leveraging on the first-mover advantage, the expertise, and experience of the team in the advertising and blockchain industry, SaTT could easily rank among the biggest players of blockchain-based advertising.

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