Millenials Prefer Bitcoin Over Gold, But it it Still Extremely Unequal, Study Finds

A recent study revealed that Bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrencies no longer have the bad reputation that haunted them in the past. In fact, it seems that as the years go by, the preference towards digital tokens is beginning to overtake historically favored assets such as gold and silver.

SimpleMoneyLife —a site focused on personal finance— published a research compiling information from a lot of notable sources —and providing their own insights and findings too. The results are interesting and show that there is still a lot to work on even though the ecosystem has grown a lot.

The research cited a study by deVere Group revealing that 67% of millennials believe Bitcoin is a superior safe-haven asset to gold. This narrative is increasingly gaining traction in the world of cryptocurrencies and traditional finance.

Cryptopotato recently reported that the CEO of Skybridge Capital named Bitcoin as a store of value comparable to gold, with the Bank of Singapore also making a case for this thesis.

Bitcoion vs Gold

SimpleMoneyLife claims that even as a scarce commodity, gold loses out to bitcoin in terms of rarity:

Unlike gold, we know exactly how much Bitcoin is currently in circulation and how much will be in 2050. Bitcoin is better at being scarce than gold.

The study also assures that the Blockchain technology market cap could exceed $40 Billion by 2025. Analysts say that this type of technology could influence how various industries currently do business and develop their activities. Some of the areas that will benefit the most from blockchain technologies are: Supply Chain Management, Secure Elections, Healthcare, Smart Contracts, Keeping Verified Records, Banking, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Analysts also highlighted that the United States is starting to take a fresh look at blockchain technologies, adding that the country could begin investing close to $4.2 billion on blockchain solutions soon.

The Crypto Twitter community is also very active. SimpleMoneyLife explained that, on average, cryptocurrency enthusiasts send more than 70,000 tweets about Bitcoin every day. They did not share data on activity around other altcoins with a large social media presence such as Chainlink, Ethereum, XRP, Tron, or the new DeFi coins.

The Study Shows an Extremely Unequal Bitcoin Ecosystem

SimpleMoneyLife also highlighted some findings of the inequality of the Bitcoin ecosystem. As much as algorithmically Bitcoin has no preferences, socially, it does.

First, the Bitcoin ecosystem is male-dominated. The compilation notes that UBS says 85.77% of Males are Engaged in the Bitcoin Community Compared to 14.23% of Females.

Want to rdig deeper into the stereotypes? Bitcoin appears to be 80% dominated by white males. Hispanics and black respondents follow with 66% and 61%,  of the rest respectively.

In terms of mining, China controls 65% of the network’s total power. Simultaneously, the rest is distributed around the world, with the United States far behind in first place with a mere 7.24% of mining power.

And in terms of wealth distribution, Bitcoin is extremely unequal, with just 2% of wallets controlling more than 95% of total Bitcoin wealth and the next 100 wallets dominating 13% of the remaining total.


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