Blockchain Game Age of Rust Launches on Enjin (ENJ) Platform

Blockchain-based video game community and development platform, Enjin (ENJ) witnesses the launch of the highly-anticipated dark sci-fi action-adventure game, Age of Rust.

Enjin Continues to Deliver

In what could be dubbed as one of the biggest milestones for the Enjin ecosystem in recent times, the majorly-anticipated blockchain-powered game, Age of Rust has finally been released on the Enjin Platform.

According to the announcement, Age of Rust players will stand an opportunity to find 24 Bitcoin (BTC) and more than 370,000 Enjin Coin (ENJ) hidden within the game.

Further, courtesy of the current bullish sentiment of the cryptocurrency markets, the market value of Age of Rust’s prize bounty has skyrocketed from $20,000 to almost $1 million. This gargantuan leap in the value of prize bounty in itself is expected to draw in a lot of blockchain-based video game enthusiasts who would use their gaming skills to collect the in-game rewards.

Notably, the game will cost $14.99 to download and play on Steam. Among other innovative features such as having an exhaustive in-game economy in place, Age of Rust will feature 250,000km2 of explorable landscape and includes 40 hours of gameplay.

Check out the following video to get a glimpse of Season 1 of Age of Rust.

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How to Play the Game?

To be able to play Age of Rust, users would be required to download the Enjin Wallet on their mobile devices. Once it is installed, the user will be able to link their wallet to the game. This link will help in the verification of the ownership of the game items and enables the user to view, sell, trade, and buy game items without any hassle.

Users can play the basic game without needing to purchase any tokens. However, Age of Rust has multiple reward levels for solving puzzles. Hence, users would require specific tokens to get access to the higher level reward puzzles.

Specifically, users would need the “Mission Tokens” and “Rustbits” tokens to play the higher bounty levels. Users can find the 10 mission tokens on the Enjin Marketplace or Opensea.

In recent news, BTCManager reported on January 18 that Enjin had partnered with Gracone Inc., a blockchain platform highlighting the use of blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to launch the first Japanese NFT charity project via Kizuna.

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