Bitcoin News Roundup for Jan. 26, 2021

With bitcoin hovering around $32K for a fourth straight day and top Ivy League universities said to be accumulating crypto, CoinDeskโ€™s Marketโ€™s Daily is back with the latest news roundup.

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Today’s stories:

Smart Money Buying Crypto as Harvard Said to Be Holding

The brain trust has blessed cryptocurrencies, with endowments for Harvard and other universities reportedly lapping up digital assets. For bitcoin marketeers, itโ€™s a new $600B money pot.

Small-investor stock-trading activity on Robinhood, Charles Schwab and Morgan Stanleyโ€™s online brokerage shows no sign of slowing (WSJ)

GameStop short-sellers reload bets after $6B loss (Bloomberg)

โ€œWith the U.S. increasingly reliant on foreign capital to compensate for its growing shortfall of domestic saving and with the [Federal Reserveโ€™s] open-ended quantitative easing measures creating a massive overhang of excess liquidity, the case for a sharp further weakening of the dollar looks more compelling than ever,โ€ former Morgan Stanley Chief Economist Stephen Roach writes in op-ed. (Bloomberg Opinion)

Collateralized debt obligations make their way onto DeFi lending (CoinDesk)

Itโ€™s โ€˜frothy squaredโ€™ as crypto firms line up for IPOs to tap market mania (Bloomberg)

Mike Novogratzโ€™s Galaxy Digital plans to launch Ethereum funds, from (Decrypt)

The market value of DeFi tokens surged to $45B, triple the amount at end of October, reported by (Decrypt, using CoinGecko data)


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