Mitsubishi and Tokyo Tech Tap Blockchain for P2P Energy Trading Network

Japanese conglomerate Mitsubishi Electric is teaming up with Tokyo Tech to develop a blockchain-based peer-to-peer (P2P) energy trading system. From energy neighborhood concepts to rural electrification projects, blockchain technology continues to find significant adoption in efforts geared towards improving access to electricity across the world.

Blockchain-based Digital Energy Platform

Both organizations announced the news via a joint press statement issued on Sunday (Jan. 17, 2021). According to the press release, the two establishments will collaborate on a pioneer blockchain P2P energy trading system to facilitate the efficient utilization of surplus electricity supply from renewable energy sources.

Detailing their respective roles and responsibilities in the joint enterprise, Mitsubishi will be in charge of designing the P2P energy trading infrastructure while Tokyo Tech will spearhead the blockchain research and development work functions as well as the development of a robust clearing algorithm.

According to the joint press release, Mitsubishi and Tokyo Tech’s network will differ from the usual blockchain-based energy trading systems. Part of this uniqueness lies in the decision to create a platform that does not require high-volume computations and is not hardware-intensive.

With micro-computing servers and robust order matching with minimal computation requirements, the new method will utilize a four-step process to achieve its aims. An excerpt from the announcement detailing the process reads:

“In the first step, information on buy and sell orders with a common trading goal (market surplus, profit, etc.) are shared by computing servers during a predetermined timeframe. Second, each server searches for buy and sell orders matched to the common goal in the first step. Third, each server shares its search results. In the fourth and final step, each server receives the search results and generates a new block by selecting trades that best meet the shared goal, which it adds to each blockchain.”

According to the press statement, the project will commence in April with plans for the early commercialization of the system.

Mitsubishi and Tokyo Tech’s project joins the rapidly expanding cast of P2P energy trading networks is what is proving to be a popular blockchain technology adoption niche. Back in Sept. 2020, the IOTA Foundation and CityxChange cost-efficient energy trading platform was announced as being business-ready.

As previously reported by BTCManager, a 2020 research study showed that Power Ledger’s P2P energy trading solution constituted a real use case for blockchain technology.

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