Winklevoss’ 7-Year Bitcoin Price Prediction Comes True As Max Keiser Envisions $220,000 By Dec 2021

It has taken roughly seven years, but one of Cameron Winklevoss’ bitcoin price predictions has materialized. Back in 2013, the Gemini co-founder and long-term BTC supporter said that the cryptocurrency will reach a price tag of $40,000 faster than anyone imagines.

2013 Winklevoss Prediction Comes True

Back in December 2013, Cameron Winklevoss, previously known for his involvement in Facebook, provided what seemed like a wildly optimistic and perhaps outrageous bitcoin price prediction.

At the time when the primary cryptocurrency traded at about $900, he forecasted that it could become 45 times more valuable by reaching $40,000. Moreover, he had the audacity to call it a “small bull case scenario” prediction.

“When this will happen, if it happens, I don’t know, but if it happens, it will probably happen much faster than anyone imagines.”

Well, bitcoin indeed fulfilled his vision earlier this week. CryptoPotato reported that the asset not only reached the coveted price tag but continued upwards and marked a new all-time high of nearly $42,000.

However, when Winklevoss made that prediction, the number of bitcoins in circulation was significantly lower, and he envisioned a market capitalization of $400 billion if BTC reached $40,000.

Eight years later, and many more mined bitcoin resulted in a market cap of over $700 billion. This placed BTC in the top ten assets by this metric and even challenged Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook and Elon Musk’s Tesla for the 7th spot.

Max Keiser Was Right Too

The host of the Keiser Report and co-founder of Heisenberg Capital, Max Keiser, also struck gold recently with a few-year-old BTC prediction. He said in 2018 that bitcoin would end 2020 at about $28,000, which also seemed highly unlikely to many people having in mind the bear market at the time.

However, BTC indeed proceeded forwards, and his “end of 2020 prediction” was the most accurate, as he highlighted.

The long-term BTC bull made more forecasts on the next possible targets. Keiser lifted his short-term prediction, which he described to CryptoPotato as “anywhere between a few days and a few weeks” to $65,000 after the asset almost reached his previous mark of $42,000.

However, Keiser seems significantly more optimistic about where the bitcoin price will be at the end of 2021. In a recent tweet, he said that BTC will finish this year at $220,000. Although it may seem like a tall task ahead from this point, the cryptocurrency has proven itself capable of defying odds stacked against it.

Should BTC indeed reach $220,000 per coin, that would result in a market capitalization of over $4 trillion. This would make bitcoin almost twice as valuable as Apple – the company with the highest market cap.


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