Solve.Care Gives Physicians the Greenlight to Join Its Global Telehealth Exchange

On 24th Dec, Solve.Care unveiled the activation and integration of the first set of doctors from around the globe into their Global Telehealth Exchange registry(GTHE). The blockchain-based healthcare platform plans to continue helping patients around the world access healthcare services seamlessly. 

The Efficiency and Ability of Solve.Care’s GTHE

GTHE, which was introduced in mid 2020, will allow patients to pay Physicians with the native token within the Solve.Care, SOLVE. All the transactions will be recorded on blockchain, ensuring security and hence they can’t be tampered with. 

The physicians in Solve.Care’s GTHE registry will be allowed to dictate terms at which they will provide services and expertise. These terms may include where they provide their services, at what time and to whom they will provide healthcare. They also are advised to have parameters that will ensure they are comfortable enough for them to work.

The CEO of Solve.Care, Pradeep Goel has been very vocal and supportive in the global uptake of telehealth services worldwide. “Telehealth is a major real-world solution that is breaking down barriers in our healthcare systems, increasing accessibility, and reducing inequality,” he said today at the press release. He also stated that the GTHE blockchain system goes a step further by efficiently connecting doctors and patients worldwide. Additionally, it upholds the rights and privacy of both parties alike.  

The GTHE system will provide several ways for physicians to be in control. On the registry, healthcare providers put up their profiles, rates for services they offer and set up specific periods when they will be on duty. Moreover, the system has removed the numerous administrative sets of rules that previously led to redundancies in the healthcare industry today.

Access to the GTHE system is possible through SolveCare’s personalized healthcare management system, Care.Wallet.

Solve.Care to Recruit Physicians from 28 Countries

Solve.Care plans to recruit doctors from 28 countries to expand their reach globally while uplifting telehealth mass adoption. According to Pradeep Goel, employing doctors will be a massive step in solving issues that affect healthcare systems at large. Patients will now have the ability to reach out to doctors with little effort as more and more doctors join the platform.

Dr Swapna Vaidya, a psychiatrist-associate from Washington, spoke about her excitement upon hearing the plans GTHE made for healthcare providers. “GTHE holds the promise of how healthcare should be.” She gave her remarks to give high acclaim for the milestone. The doctor, who has been in practice for over two decades, says the system should lead the way for the provision of premium medical services.

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