Tosdis is Introducing Decentralized Finance as a Service

The year 2020 might seem a little odd, and the big events certainly led to a lot of grumpy faces. But if you look at the crypto industry, things are way different.

The Decentralized Finance area had an immense growth throughout this year, breaking $10 billion in total value locked in September. Therefore, its popularity skyrocketed – and so, many crypto fans joined it.

At the same time, many developers understood that mining is way too difficult and pricey, so they chose to launch new coins using the PoS protocol. Many platforms also chose to convert to PoS so it is now a lot easier to be part of the validation team as a user.

And the best part, we now have a project that makes the best of both worlds, Tosdis Finance providing DeFi as a service.

Tosdis Easystake is a decentralized savings protocol that offers a variety of white label products. Tosdis offers an Efficient and systematic environment for the world of DeFi. Tosdis is what its name is “The One Stop Defi Interoperable Solution”.

We Align with this Image and aim to provide a range of products under one roof. These include Staking-as-a-Service, Liquid staking, Yield farming-as-a-Service. We not only aim to provide these decentralised solutions but to also build a company culture that values these principles of decentralisation. Building a strong and tightly knit community will therefore be one of our main goals from the moment we launch the platform. We see other platforms lacking in this regard and not regarding the community feedback into account during the development phase as well as during the working of the product. Our governance model proves these values.

Our aim is to put users first and allow our community to help shape the future of Tosdis. Tosdis’s range of products makes Tosdis Easystake the complete savings DeFi protocol in the market. 

If this sounds more like an alien phrase to you, you are not alone. The technology is pretty new, and we have a lot to catch up on from the last months.

But don’t worry, it’s not that difficult. It is practically the upgraded version of the PoS protocol – that made it possible for users to stake their coins on a specific blockchain. Well, this new upgraded service allows users to stake on a variety of platforms, improving crypto in terms of scalability.

Their Tosdis EasyStake connects to any tokens developed on the ERC-20 platform, therefore is a fast network that comes at a very low cost.

Yield Farming as a Service

 Yield farming as a service takes the staking service one step forward by offering Yield farming and liquidity mining to every ERC20 (initially) project in the market. Making these new and advanced technologies accessible to all the present and upcoming projects at cheap and affordable prices while also removing the barrier of development time and costs. This will be a pretty straight forward process. Anyone can create a pool using Uniswap LP token address by interacting with the TosDis Master contract. Hence, providing yield farming as a service to the masses in a decentralized way.

For the team of Tosdis Finance, it is not enough to just implement DeFi as a service. Providing people with the most advanced technologies is their key purpose, therefore, they plan to also implement Liquid Staking into DeFi.

Practically, with this new feature, you could use your assets to easily buy financial products, depending on the project you sign in for.

In order to give more freedom to the users in terms of assets management, they will be provided with a derivative to trade across blockchains, after they choose the assets they want for staking.

The team doesn’t stop here. Another feature they want to add the next year is yield farming, perfect for those crypto enthusiasts who are passionate about business. Add here the possibility to lend and borrow assets anytime you want.

If their ideas conquered you as they did with us, then follow them on social media and be up to date with their improvements. Stay tuned!

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